Woolet: Technology Meets Fashion Meets Functionality, the Perfect Trifecta

Woolet: Technology Meets Fashion Meets Functionality, the Perfect Trifecta

There are a few things in everybody’s life that they would never leave home without; they’re all pretty obvious but as fair as innovation, the smartphone seems to be the easiest to improve. As for keys and wallets, there doesn’t seem to be much room to make changes. Remote start was a cool innovation and there have been a few different additions to wallets that haven’t really caught on. However, Woolet aims to innovate like no one before. And I might just back their Kickstarter because of how smart this idea is.


First Impressions

First off, the Woolet looks awesome. It’s simple, understated and high quality. You can’t ask for much better from a wallet. Woolet also has phone cover and key finder accessories that are made of the same high quality leather that are gorgeous yet subtle. You can tell that they put thought and effort into the creation of their products.

I really like the black leather with red stitching; it’s an unusual flair that adds some personality to an otherwise drab piece of your daily wardrobe. Plus, it’s thinner than your average folded wallet which means it won’t hurt to sit on or it’ll take up less room in your purse. Other than that, the main features of the Woolet are not immediately apparent to the naked eye.


What It Does

The Woolet does more than just hold your cash and cards. It pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth to keep track of both items. So if you leave your Woolet somewhere, your smartphone will alert you and guide you back to its last location. It also works the other way around; if you leave your smartphone somewhere, your Woolet will alert you when you’re beyond tether range. Obviously, the Woolet doesn’t have a screen so you’ll just have to use your memory to locate your smartphone. The Woolet also has a key finder device that works via Bluetooth.

The Woolet does all this through an app that you download to your smartphone and I must say, for a hardware Kickstarter, the app looks quite good. Easy to navigate, simple to use, and super informational. The Woolet can also do that basic things like hold your cash and cards; it even has a secret pocket for your super secret spy documents. So if you’re looking for a new wallet (I am so I might actually back this project) and you want something that does more than the usual, the Woolet might just be for you.

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