Crowdfunded by LaunchBoom is a dream book for crowdfunding campaign creators

Whether you're just starting out or already have a booming business, Crowdfunded by LaunchBoom is the playbook the most innovative companies will use to launch successful products. Stop waiting for the right opportunity to launch your crowdfunding campaign. This book will show you how.

Crowdfunded by LaunchBoom is a dream book for crowdfunding campaign creators
Crowdfunded by LaunchBoom Book Cover

Raising a lot of money through crowdfunding might sound great, but making your campaign reach that level of success is not easy. It can happen within a matter of minutes but, like every other business, it has its own tricks you need to master. Not every crowdfunding campaign gets the same recognition and success—and it always comes down to the product you’re trying to crowdfund.

Over the years, we’ve seen that if you have a great product that people would actually want to use, you can expect your campaign to do well with a little guidance. For tips from the LaunchBoom experts, Crowdfunded by LaunchBoom is a dream book that will help you follow the proven crowdfunding system for launching products.

Crowdfunded by LaunchBoom

Crowdfunded by LaunchBoom Book

What is this book all about?

Crowdfunded is not just another how-to book about launching products. There is no fluff here. No feel-good stories without substance. No claims without data. This is no blueprint for launching a successful crowdfunding campaign. Instead, this book highlights the proven crowdfunding system that LaunchBoom has been using to raise millions since 2015. 

  • What if you could build a community that eagerly counted down the days until they could buy your product?
  • What if you could develop such powerful positioning in your market that you rose above your competition?
  • And what if you could actually feel confident your product was going to be successful before you pressed the launch button?

If you want answers to such questions before launching a crowdfunding campaign, this book is a must have for you.

Crowdfunded Testimonial

Crowdfunded Testimonial

The five sections of crowdfunding

To make the process easier, the book is broken down into five sections that highlight different stages of crowdfunding.

1. LaunchBoom System

  • Learn why crowdfunding is the best way to launch physical consumer products today.
  • Adopt the “Test, Launch, Scale” framework for scaling your brand.
  • Understand the “Four Horsemen of Traffic” to prioritize your marketing efforts.

2. Prelaunch

  • Rock-solid product positioning with the CBBE Framework.
  • Use Facebook advertising to build a reservation email list that is 30 times more likely to buy.
  • Create a high-converting campaign video and campaign page.

3. Launch

  • Hit your funding goal in the first 24 hours.
  • Scale your campaign using Facebook advertising.
  • Tap into extremely low-cost PR and promotions to boost your campaign.

4. Post-Campaign

  • Transfer to Indiegogo InDemand to raise even more money after your campaign ends.
  • Use BackerKit to upsell more products and manage your fulfillment easily.
  • Get paid and fix failed payments.

5. Next Steps

  • Adopt a long-term mindset for building your brand
  • Transition to Shopify to continue scaling your product.
  • Repeat.

During these five stages, you will learn to plan better as well as how to scale your crowdfunding campaign. In fact, before you head out to crowdfunding sites to promote your product, this will help you learn what does and doesn’t work so you can plan for success.

About the author

CrowdFunded by LaunchBoom is written by Mark Pecota, the CEO and Cofounder of LaunchBoom himself. LaunchBoom is a reputed crowdfunding agency that partners with entrepreneurs to test product viability, launch through crowdfunding, and scale through ecommerce. It started in 2015 and is recognized as a Certified Expert on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Additionally, Facebook recognizes LaunchBoom—which manages millions of advertising dollars—as a Preferred Marketing Partner.

Where can you buy the book?

Currently, the book is available on Amazon in both the Kindle and Paperback versions. Go grab a copy now and master the art of crowdfunding to launch your product on Indiegogo and Kickstarter. 

Crowdfunded by LaunchBoom Buy Now

Crowdfunded by LaunchBoom Buy Now

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