AI Deep Nostalgia brings old photos to life

Ever wanted more out of your old photos? Deep Nostalgia animates still images with smiles, nodes, head tilts, and blinks. Explore today's blog to discover more about this AI-powered service.

AI Deep Nostalgia brings old photos to life
AI Deep Nostalgia review

An AI-powered service, called Deep Nostalgia, animates still images to turn them into realistic videos that you can store on your phone or social media. The service is offered by a company called MyHeritage that creates an effect as if the still image is moving. This is perfect for bringing old images back to life, whether that’s ancestors who have passed away or others.

Brings all kinds of images to life

Although this AI’s emphasis is adding effects to old images, Deep Nostalgia can take photos from your camera and add realistic effects to them, such as facial movements. You can even upload images of deceased loved ones to experience their smile one more time.

Moreover, Deep Nostalgia is only compatible with single headshots and can only add animated effects to faces. Therefore, you can’t upload a full body shot of a person and have them walking around. Who knows, maybe there will be an update that we’ll see with this feature.

Deep Nostalgia on an old photo

How this AI service works

Simply sign up for a free account on the MyHeritage website and upload the image you want featuring. The next process is simple and automated, because the site enhances the image before animating it and creating the gif, which usually takes around 30 seconds to animate an individual’s face. The downloaded file can be posted onto social media and exported in an MP4 format.

Every user has access to upload five photos to the MyHeritage website for free. If you want to upload more, you’ll need to create a paid account.

This service uses algorithms by company D-ID to create the animations, which went viral on Twitter across the weekend. These videos sport a similar characteristic to live photos on Apple and Android phones but have a longer animation duration.

In summary, the company states that they can’t add audio effects to the images, too. And they won’t pass on any of the uploaded photos to third-party platforms. Plus, if you upload an image without signing up, the same will be deleted automatically.

What are your thoughts of Deep Nostalgia? Do you think it’s creative or a little creepy? Share your feedback in the comments.

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