Display a Lifetime of Photos with Memorywall

Display a Lifetime of Photos with Memorywall

Armed with brilliant smartphone cameras, we are collectively taking more photos than ever before. Users of Instagram alone upload 95 million images and videos to the platform each day. But due to high-resolution screens and the sheer volume of photos, we spend less time enjoying these pictures. This is a sad state of affairs, given that your camera roll is probably overflowing with memories. With Memorywall, you can create your own personal photo gallery on any wall space. This hanging system holds multiple small prints, and you can position each photo at the perfect angle.

– Sticks to the wall and holds four square 4×4-inch prints

– Tilt, turn and tweak each image to the perfect spot

– Combine multiple Memorywall frames to fill your room with photos in unique layouts

A Lifetime of Photos

Trying to frame multiple small pictures is usually time consuming and expensive. Most people do not make the effort. As a result, whole albums are left forgotten on hard drives from one year to the next. What’s the point of taking photos in the first place if you never see them again?

Instead of relying on Facebook to unearth photos from the past, you can proudly display your prints with Memorywall. This innovative hanging system holds a quartet of your favorite photos, and it’s totally flexible.

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With each image mounted on a polycarbonate hinge, you can tilt and turn your photos into fun displays. You can also connect multiple frames to form spectacular layouts. In essence, Memorywall turns a lifetime of photos into a 3D sculpture.

lifetime of photos 01

Funky Photos

It couldn’t be easier to display your photos with Memorywall. The frame measures 8 inches along each edge, with room for four square prints. Your photos easily slip inside the clear frame, which provides a nice glossy finish. It works perfectly with four different photos, or you can create a mini collage.

lifetime of photos 03

With your prints installed, you can mess about with the presentation. The rear hinge lets you place each image at a different angle, adding some 3D interest to the display. This looks good with four prints, but the creative opportunities multiply when you connect several Memorywall frames.

lifetime of photos 04-1

The frames fit together securely in a variety of formations. Consequently, it’s possible to design recognizable shapes, made from blocks of photos. You could display safari pictures in the shape of the African continent, or baby pictures on a big number one. The choices are endless, which makes Memorywall a great gift.

lifetime of photos 06

Aside from decoration, these frames are useful for creative purposes. Whether you’re putting together a moodboard or working on your own product, seeing all the images together can really help.

“Ever have so many photos and do not have any more wall space to hang them, or have you ever dreamed of a whole wall filled with memories? Well, now you can count on Memorywall Frame!”

“Memorywall Frame allows you to create a wall filled with photos and what’s more is you get to display them in a funky three-dimensional view. With its innovative design you can now tilt, turn and tweak each image for the perfect wall display!” — Memorywall on IndieGoGo

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What We ❤️

Most regular picture frames are expensive and uninspiring. Memorywall presents your photos with all the quirky style they deserve.

Future Designs

It would be great to see this frame in different sizes and styles so we could go crazy with creativity!


– Order now: Via Memorywall.co.za

– Price: $22

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