This dog bed helps improve your older dog’s quality of life

Rejuvenate your dog in his later years with the help of the Dog Cloud Bed. This innovative dog bed sends waves of 3D vibration therapy to gently ease your dog's arthritis pain and improve his mobility. Keep reading this blog post to learn more about this helpful product for dog owners.

This dog bed helps improve your older dog’s quality of life
Dog Cloud Bed therapeutic pet bed with a dog

Fido has been a good friend to you, but he’s getting older. It’s likely he doesn’t run like he used to and has joint pain from arthritis. While it’s sad to watch your pet’s mobility decline, it’s good to know there are devices that can make his life more comfortable as he ages. One of them is the Dog Cloud Bed therapeutic pet bed. This dog bed can actually relieve your dog’s joint pain, promote circulation, enhance relaxation, and improve mobility. It’s exactly what your dog needs to feel his best during his golden years.

The Dog Cloud Bed was created by inventors with experience in the healthcare field. They asked themselves, “What if we built something to relieve joint pain and arthritis in dogs, too?” At first glance, this therapeutic dog bed looks like a very comfy pet bed. But the cushion of this therapeutic dog bed is actually made from layers of high-grade orthopedic foam topped with memory foam. The headrest bolsters also have layered memory foam, which transmits the massage more easily. Finally, the German-designed brushless motors are silent and won’t disturb your dog as he rests. Let’s see what else this therapeutic pet bed has to offer.

Your dog needs a massage, too

According to the company’s Kickstarter page, studies show that arthritis in dogs causes inflammation and swelling, making it difficult for them to get up from a nap or go for a walk. The creators of this pet gadget say that massage therapy can help. They write that 3D vibration therapy can improve alleviate joint and muscle pain, reduce stress, along with other benefits. These are just the things you’d want in your later years. Your dog does, too.

Dog Cloud Bed therapeutic pet bed

Dog Cloud Bed therapeutic pet bed with a dog and child

How does this pet therapy device work?

The Dog Cloud Bed is easy to use. Simply open the Dog Cloud Bed smartphone app to select the massage your dog needs. When the bed detects your dog’s presence, the massage will begin. The app sends notifications about your dog’s completed massages to your phone, along with details about his health, usage, and progress. So this is a dog bed that does more than simply ease your dog’s pain. It’s also a health monitor.

What massage therapy does this pet gadget use?

The Dog Cloud Bed features a 3D patented vibration system. The company writes that it’s a medically proven massage therapy technology that improves dogs’ quality of life as they age. The vibrations are gentle and safe that work through three feet of muscle and soft tissue to improve blood circulation, increase mobility, and improve your dog’s well being.

What are the preset massage modes?

This therapeutic dog bed comes with three preset massage modes you can choose from: Moov, Rejoove, and Snooz. Moove is a great setting to use for your dog in the morning. It soothes Fido’s muscle and joint stiffness before he even steps out of bed and will give him the relief he needs to keep going all day. The Rejoove setting provides a stimulating, pulsing massage designed for dogs recovering from exercise as well as dogs with joint pain. Finally, Snooz is a great setting to help your dog relax before sleep. It delivers a gentle, modulating massage to calm and soothe.

Connect with your dog via the smartphone app

The Dog Cloud Bed smartphone app lets you connect with your dog in a whole new way via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. It allows you to customize and automate planned massages for your dog, set up your dog’s profile, and access extensive reports. Through the app, you can learn about your dog’s best time of day, his favorite massages, his health condition, and more. Who would’ve thought that a dog bed could do so much?

Set and forget this high-tech dog bed

You can schedule your dog’s massages with up to four automated massage treatments. Otherwise, you can open the app to start a 10-minute Moov massage anytime manually. Moreover, the patented dog sensing system detects when your dog gets on the bed and starts the massage. If your dog gets off the bed, the massage will pause and start when he returns. It’s a pretty clever gadget.

The bed cover is eco-friendly

Another great detail about this therapeutic dog bed is its cover. It’s made from recycled plastic collected from the oceans. So this pet bed is also pretty good for the planet. Furthermore, the cover is comfortable and odor-resistant, something your dog will enjoy sleeping and relaxing on. Finally, it’s easy to wash this sustainable gadget since you can remove the cover and machine-wash it.

If you’re looking for a way to ease your dog’s arthritic pain, the Dog Cloud Bed is worth considering. It provides 3D cloud wave vibration massage through layers of orthopedic foam and memory foam. And the smartphone app makes managing this gadget and scheduling massages super simple. With this gadget, you can keep your dog comfortable, mobile, and happy.

The Dog Cloud Bed costs $789.69, and you can preorder it from Kickstarter. What are some of your favorite pet gadgets and accessories? As always, let us know about them in the comment section.

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