Do your part to help eliminate single-use plastic with Uphold Cutlery

Make your takeout lunch more sustainable with Uphold Cutlery. It's sleek enough to use at work, and it's ultra portable.

Do your part to help eliminate single-use plastic with Uphold Cutlery
Uphold Cutlery folds and is reusable

Take cutlery anywhere when you have the Uphold Cutlery pocket-size utensils. These travel-size utensils eliminate the need for single-use plastics. They also look stylish and clean easily.

You love getting lunch from your favorite food truck. But, chances are, you get plastic cutlery that you toss out every time you visit.

Uphold Cutlery changes things. Slim and lightweight, these utensils fit easily in your backpack every day. They save you from relying on single-use plastic when you eat out.

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Eliminate single-use plastic from your life

According to Forbes, estimates put the number of individual plastic utensils wasted per year at 40 billion. It’s a staggering number, especially since it results from a largely unconscious habit.

In response to plastic trash in the environment, California became the first state to pass a law that phases out single-use plastics, and other states are likely to follow. It’s something that countries around the world are already doing.

And you can do your part to change your plastic use with these travel-size utensils. Ergonomic and compact, they’re cutlery you can take anywhere, so you’ll never be stuck using disposable utensils.

Go for lightweight & slim portable utensils

So what makes Uphold Cutlery special? It’s extremely portable. Unlike camping utensils that can be heavy, these portable accessories lead the market in terms of weight and volume, according to the company.

In fact, the case measures just 3.9″ L x 2.6″ H. So all the pieces break down to a size that’s similar in length to a passport. What’s more, all the pieces lie flat in their case. When you want to use them, simply slide them out and reconstruct them.

Carrying your own cutlery doesn’t mean you have to overload your bags anymore. In fact, Uphold Cutlery even fits in regular-size back pockets, making it the ideal EDC gadget.

Choose travel cutlery that’s durable and sustainable

When shopping for portable cutlery, you want a product that lasts, not something that’s headed for the trash 2 months after purchase. You also prefer a product that can be recycled at the end of its life.

With those ends in mind, the creators decided to make their product out of food-grade TPU/TPE aluminum alloy and titanium alloy. These materials withstand at least 3,000 uses, which amounts to years if you rely only on Uphold Cutlery when dining out. Furthermore, the product is BPA-free and food safe.

Then, all the materials are 100% recyclable using conventional technologies. The company operates on a cradle-to-cradle principle for a holistic solution. Therefore, you can also order replaceable utensil heads.

Uphold Cutlery
Uphold Cutlery with food

Select EDC that’s hygienic and easy to clean

Meanwhile, these travel-size utensils are convenient to own. Each utensil can be taken apart for washing and drying. Then, they’re free from grease traps, so you can be sure gunk won’t collect in corners and crevices.

Even better, the assembly doesn’t require that you touch the utensil head, preventing cross-contamination and keeping you healthy. And, although Uphold Cultery is easily portable, it doesn’t compromise functionality or comfort.

For example, the utensil heads have large angles that are designed to work with portable food containers, which is how most people will use these gadgets. Then, the collapsibility feature in no way affects the utensil functions; the spoon, fork, and knife all maintain the correct shape while you eat.

These unique travel accessory ergonomics improve dining on the go and make it easier than ever.

Take a chic and timeless utensil set anywhere

Users of disposable utensils are mostly concentrated in cities. Taking that into account, the creators designed a product that would be chic enough to carry to trendy food spots in a metropolitan area.

So its sleek case fits in well, whether you’re going to a meeting over lunch or meeting friends for an urban picnic. What’s more, the stark minimal lines add a futuristic look. Its modern design blends seamlessly with your other accessories.

Fight plastic waste every day with Uphold Cutlery

Small steps create big changes. And nowhere is that more true than when it comes to cutting down on single-use plastic. By switching from disposable utensils to Uphold Cutlery, you minimize your environmental impact.

Not only that, but these utensils also just make sense. They have a hygienic assembly and can be recycled at the end of their lifespan.

If you want to live more sustainably, these travel-size utensils belong in your EDC. Love Uphold Cutlery? Preorder it for $36 on Indiegogo. What sustainable gadgets do you use? Let us know!

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