SANDSARA Obsidian & Alabaster review: These kinetic sand sculptures bring serenity to your life

Escape the chaos and find your daily calm with the SANDSARA Obsidian & Alabaster Editions. Discover how these wireless kinetic sand sculptures can help you relax and be creative.

SANDSARA Obsidian & Alabaster review: These kinetic sand sculptures bring serenity to your life
SANDSARA Obsidian & Alabaster Editions encourage mindfulness

Meet the SANDSARA Obsidian & Alabaster Editions. These kinetic sand sculptures are completely wireless. Plus, you can create your own sand designs via the companion app.

Life gets chaotic, I know. Between work and family responsibilities, it can seem like there are never enough hours in the day. And, if you’re like me, between all the chores, deadlines, and after-school activities, it’s easy to forget to take time for yourself.

But doing so is important for your health. And that’s where a gadget like the SANDSARA Obsidian & Alabaster Editions can prove useful. These meditation devices bring a welcome dose of peace to your daily life with their soothing sand artwork, created by a metallic sphere.

I’ve covered several kinetic sand art gadgets over the years, but this one stands out for its wireless operation, app connectivity, and reliable performance. Let’s see how it can bring more Zen into your daily life.

SANDSARA Obsidian & Alabaster Editions video

Create a meditative space with this wireless kinetic art gadget

Wires add clutter. And, when you’re trying to relax, they can be distracting. The creators of the SANDSARA Obsidian & Alabaster Editions understand. For that reason, they designed kinetic sand sculptures that are wireless.

That’s right; you’ll see no wires coming from the SANDSARA Obsidian & Alabaster Editions. When you place it in your meditation corner, you’ll notice only the clean shape of the circular plate filled with sand —and nothing else.

That way, you’ll be free to center your thoughts or do your devotions without thinking about how much better your sand art would look without a wire.

Explore your creativity with the companion app

Most kinetic sand art I’ve reviewed features pre-set art programs. A magnetic ball automatically creates programmed patterns in the sand, and there’s not much room for creativity or input.

The SANDSARA Obsidian & Alabaster Editions are different. With their new Creators Tool, they allow you to create customized patterns in your kinetic sand art.

You can add custom text messages, intricate patterns, and specific shapes. This allows you to personalize your art experience and flex your creativity.

For my part, I’d love to watch some of my favorite designs being etched into sand. There’s something soothing about seeing a magnetic ball carve intricate patterns. Plus, there’s nothing like a little artwork to take your mind off the day’s stressors.

Light up your space with the Aura effect

Meanwhile, the Aura Effect transforms the SANDSARA into an impressive sculpture of light. In fact, the creators added 20% more RGB LEDs beneath the sandbed.

They illuminate your patterns with an improved contrast of light and shadows for truly stunning results. It’s a way to take your calming moments from just ok to extraordinary.

Meanwhile, the goods don’t stop there. You can customize the colors, animation, and brightness of the lights in the SANDSARA app. This gives you more control over your calming space and what it looks like while you relax.

Protect your sand art from dirt and spills

Kinetic sand art is beautiful, but how on earth do you keep it clean and contained? It’s a user pain point that the creators of the SANDSARA Obsidian & Alabaster Editions seek to address.

For that reason, they now include the glass cover with all their kinetic sand art gadgets. It’s made of low-iron tempered glass and is nearly invisible.

The glass cover is one of my favorite features of the SANDSARA products. It’s really indiscernible and, even better, it blocks dust and dirt as well as curious pets and kids.

It keeps the artwork clean and tidy, so you can relax while watching it—and not stress about potential messes.

Choose relaxation gadgets that use natural materials

Another great feature of these mindful works of art is their use of natural materials. I don’t know about you, but when I want to relax, I love surrounding myself with nature.

So, keeping home accessories made of all-natural materials nearby when I try to relax is helpful. And luckily, SANDSARA Obsidian & Alabaster Editions use natural wood grain.

They bring an extra sense of calm to the artwork. Plus, since the material is natural, every piece is unique. What’s more, a protecting coat keeps the wood durable, even in humid climates.

Check out the edge-to-edge design

Another feature of these kinetic art gadgets that impresses me is the innovative SCARA mechanism. It’s the technology that moves the metal sphere.

In fact, it allows the ball to move smoothly across the sand and ensures that it draws designs until the very edge of the wood frame. That way, you get the maximum drawing area.

Choose your kinetic sand art look

Of course, you’ll want your kinetic sand gadget to match your home’s design. And, if your style is Nordic minimalist, Alabaster Edition is the way to go. Its light-toned wood creates a warm, neutral effect.

But, if your tastes are more contemporary, consider the Obsidian Edition. It features a natural oak surface with a deep black finish. It’s an eye-catching conversation piece that’s at home with more elegant décor.

There’s also a dark walnut edition. It shows off the details of the product’s signature wood in a bold color.

Find your inner calm

In a world that often feels fast-paced and overwhelming, finding moments of peace and serenity is a gift. The SANDSARA Obsidian & Alabaster Editions can help create those moments of tranquility in our busy lives.

One of the standout features of these kinetic sand sculptures is their wireless design, which eliminates the clutter and distraction, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—your inner calm.

As someone who understands the constant juggling act between work, family, and personal time, I appreciate any device that helps me find my Zen.

So, consider bringing one of these mesmerizing kinetic sand sculptures into your life. It’s a small investment that promises priceless moments of calm.

Want a SANDSARA Obsidian or Alabaster of your own? Preorder it for $349 on the official website.

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