10 Everyday gadgets that are unbelievably useful

Humans have always looked for ways to make everyday life easier. It’s the reason we invented the wheel, harnessed fire, and accomplished myriad other things. The truth is, everyday life can be tough but with some ingenuity, we can find ways to improve it. These everyday gadgets are devices that are sure to make your daily routine easier. And in these challenging times, easier is what we all need.

10 Everyday gadgets that are unbelievably useful
Fellow Products Carter Everywhere Travel Mug in Use

During a global crisis like the one we’re experiencing, it’s possible you have the time to fine-tune your daily routine. Like brewing your coffee in your coffee mug, fast charging your iPad, and getting a smarter helmet for your bike rides. These parts of your day-to-day life aren’t that hard, but they aren’t going away anytime soon. And now’s the perfect time to make them a little easier with some everyday gadgets.

And, to reduce stress and anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic, HelpGuide recommends focusing on the things that we can control. Things like maintaining our hygiene, getting better sleep, and avoiding surfaces that many people touch. In other words, we can refocus our minds. This is something I suggest wholeheartedly. Worried you’re not homeschooling enough? Be sure the kids brush their teeth twice a day instead. You’ll all feel happier.

Whatever part of your daily life you decide to devote more thought to, we’ve got some cool everyday gadgets that can help. With an easier daily routine, you’ll feel calmer. Maybe you’ll even have time to play those board games for the entire family you bought last month.

Fellow Products Carter Everywhere Travel Mug

Are you tired of turning on your coffee maker to make a pot of Joe every morning? With the Fellow Products Carter Everywhere Travel Mug, you can brew your coffee straight into the mug from your pour over. Best of all, this travel mug’s ceramic coating means your drink will never have a metallic or chemical taste, unlike its steel and plastic counterparts. The Everywhere Travel Mug lets you have great coffee anywhere.

Lumos Kickstart Smart Bike Helmet

Another everyday gadget worth looking into is the Lumos Kickstart Smart Bike Helmet. With its integrated front and rear lights, turn signals, and hard brake, your bike journeys have never been safer. This helmet doesn’t just protect your head, but it also makes you more visible to others on the road. There’s nothing more practical than that.

DSPTCH Fidlock Key Chain Magnetic Accessory Holder 

Searching for keys lost in your bag is a pain. Stop doing that and get a DSPTCH Fidlock Key Chain Magnetic Accessory Holder. Its magnetic hardware keeps your keys near you and lets you quickly detach them.  Also, this handy device will save you time since you’ll never have to go searching for your keys again.

Loftie Multifunction Alarm Clock

The Loftie Multifunction Alarm Clock is an everyday gadget that can help you sleep better. Its features include sound baths, guided meditations, breathwork exercises, sleep playlists, and more. Best of all, it’ll help break you of that smartphone-before-bed habit since you’ll have a better alarm. 

Ao Air The Atmōs Wearable Air Purifier

Since the pandemic, face masks have become part of everyday life. The Ao Air The Atmōs Wearable Air Purifier, however, will purify the air you breathe and still let others see your facial expressions. What’s more, it doesn’t need a tight seal to work. So if you’ve got facial hair, this is an excellent mask for you.

TALO Self-Brushing Toothbrush

A great addition to your smart bathroom gadgets collection is the TALO Self-Brushing Toothbrush. This electric toothbrush will clean each tooth individually in just 20 seconds. What’s more, all you have to do is flip it over once. It’s an everyday gadget that makes brushing your teeth the right way so much simpler. 

Shield20 Germ-Free Door Opener 

Post-lockdown, it’s natural to think that germs and viruses are lurking behind every corner. The Shield20 Germ-Free Door Opener will help take the fear out of moving around in public. This EDC tool lets you avoid touching things that thousands of hands have touched like door handles, ATMs, and elevator buttons.  

Big Squeeze Tube Squeezer Tool

Specialty hand lotions and facial creams can be pricy. The Big Squeeze Tube Squeezer Tool makes sure you use every last drop. This is comforting since it’s estimated that people waste up to 25% of products in tubes. What’s more, this everyday gadget’s ergonomic handgrip makes it comfortable and easy to use.

Satechi Aluminum Wireless Multimedia Remote Control 

We all have too many remotes. Cut down on your living room clutter with the Satechi Aluminum Wireless Multimedia Remote Control, the only remote you need for all your Bluetooth-enabled devices. Featuring total playback control and a design that matches your Apple products, this is a great everyday gadget.

Satechi Aluminum Wireless Multimedia Remote Control

Satechi Aluminum Wireless Multimedia Remote Control in a hand

AUKEY OMNIA Mix 65W Tiny Laptop Charger

You won’t have to lug around a huge laptop charger anymore. The AUKEY OMNIA Mix 65W Tiny Laptop Charger is half the size. With its gallium nitride (GaN) fast-charging technology, this everyday gadget can quickly charge any USB-C device, including a MacBook Pro.

AUKEY OMNIA Mix 65W Tiny Laptop Charger

AUKEY OMNIA Mix 65W Tiny Laptop Charger in a hand

These everyday gadgets are sure to make those tasks you do day in and day out a little easier. And simplifying your daily routine can keep you sane and healthy during these tough days.

What about you? Do you have any unbelievably useful gadgets to suggest? We want to know what items you’ve found indispensable in maintaining your routine—or some semblance of one—during this challenging period. Let us know in the comments below.

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