Best smart bathroom gadgets to keep your bathroom pristine

If you’ve got a shelter-in-place mandate or are self-isolating, you might notice something about your house right about now. It gets dirty pretty quickly, especially the bathrooms. Somehow, just a day after you’ve cleaned, the bathroom mirror and facet both have soapy splash marks, and the sink has spots of dried toothpaste. And after a couple of weeks inside, you can’t bear to clean the toilet again. There are definitely smart(er) ways to clean your bathroom that can reduce the time you spend cleaning and keep your bathroom pristine. We’ve got the gadgets that can help.

Best smart bathroom gadgets to keep your bathroom pristine
Poseidon Smart Mirror in Use

With so much illness all over the globe, it’s more important than ever to keep your bathroom sparkly clean. For obvious reasons, the bathroom is a germ hot-spot, and you’ll want to blast those little buggers before they infect you and your family. But if you live in a house with two or more people, the bathroom can become dirty pretty quickly. This can make cleaning it feel like a part-time job. Some smart bathroom gadgets can help.

If you’ve been self-isolating for some time, you’ve probably had it with touching up the bathrooms every day. Even if your bathroom stays tidy all week, you want to be sure your sanitation methods are effective. We hear you. That’s why we’re rounding up our best smart bathroom gadgets to help you keep your bathroom cleaner than ever.

An electric toothbrush that self-sanitizes with UV-light

Your toothbrush is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Unfortunately, its location on your bathroom sink makes the problem worse. But a Bestek M-Care UV Light Electric Toothbrushsanitizes itself with UV light, one of the best ways to kill germs. And this toothbrush will kill 99% of the germs having a party there and in your mouth. The M-Care comes with a convenient all-in-one travel case. The case protects the brush from dust and charges the toothbrush wirelessly, no matter whether you place the case flat or upright. You’ve never had a toothbrush this clean.

Keep your toilet clean and eco-friendly

Cleaning the toilet is a household chore we all dread, but it has to be done.  Luckily, another smart bathroom gadget, the TOELECT Automated Toilet Bowl Cleaner, automates the task. Chemical-free, it utilizes salt instead of standard cleaners. So it’s better for the environment and you. The automatic system keeps toilets clean, sterilized, and deodorized using electrolysis water. Additionally, it kills germs and bacteria, and even removes those gross stains. Best of all, the TOELECT is easy to install. Just place the device on the edge of the toilet water tank, put the tank lid back on, and connect the power adapter. Your TOELECT will start working immediately, operating every four hours. It’s never been easier to keep your toilets clean and germ-free.

Get a robot to clean your toilet

If you really can’t stand touching the toilet, you could always get a robot to do it for you. The Giddel Toilet Cleaning Robot Kitsystematically cleans those spots in the toilet that are difficult to reach. Also, the Giddel scrubs the rim, bowl, under the rim, and down the exit. With is circular and wavy motions, it will scrub every area of the toilet. And it’s also easy-to-use. Simply remove it from its charging station and connect it to the mounting bracket. Apply a little toilet bowl cleaner to the bowl and press the start button for the magic to happen. With a portable design, this robot can clean as many toilets as you want. Finally, this toilet cleaning kit comes with a free toilet seat. This smart bathroom gadget really makes cleaning toilets a hands-off process.

Clean your makeup brushes

Another place bacteria love to hang out is on your makeup brushes. Keep ’em clean with the Brushean Makeup Brush Sanitizer. The Brushean uses UV-C sterilization technology to kill 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses. Additionally, it neatly stores up to 20 brushes while it cleans with two built-in UV lights. Likewise, the lid acts as a dust cover and storage area for your accessories. Just place your brushes inside Brushean and close the lid. The UV light will turn on automatically, leaving you with fresh, clean brushes every time you apply your makeup. A built-in timer lets the device operate for five minutes then turns off on its own. This makes it a brush cleaner you don’t have to think about. A win, in our opinion.

Sanitize your bathroom counters

We all know how important it is to eliminate bacteria on surfaces you touch often. In the bathroom, this tends to be the facet, door handle, and toilet flush. You can sanitize these surfaces without harsh chemicals when you use another smart bathroom gadget, the Silveray-III Eco-Friendly Sanitizer. Made of silver foam and bar with extraordinary sterilizing effects, it lets you make sterilized water. It sounds complicated but is super-easy. Just add filtered or mineral water and begin using this spray to kill germs and odor-causing bacteria anywhere. Best of all, you’ll save money since you’ll no longer need to buy disinfectants, air fresheners, and additives. And don’t we all like to save a little bit of money wherever we can?

Improve hygiene with a smart mirror

If you want to indulge and spend a bit more, you should consider the Poseidon Smart Mirror. It analyzes the condition of your skin, monitors water use, and provides hygiene gamification. It’s also highly customizable. Not only can you change its size, but you can also flip the orientation to either landscape or vertical. What’s more, the touchless frame means this smart mirror stays clean and free from bacteria on your hands. Techwise, there’s a motherboard with a Qualcomm chipset, USB, WiFi, and Ethernet.

Life under lockdown means that we’re all using our home bathrooms more than ever. But with people around the world falling ill, that we need to keep frequently touched surfaces in the bathroom squeaky clean. These smart bathroom gadgets can help you do that and cut down on time you spend cleaning.

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