Samsung Galaxy S5 is the Most Fun and Colorful Experience You Can Have On Android

Samsung Galaxy S5 is the Most Fun and Colorful Experience You Can Have On Android

You have so many different options for choosing a smartphone these days, every manufacturer wants to be the latest and greatest gadget to become a daily component of your life. Sony, LG, HTC, Nokia all want to compete for the title of best smartphone. Samsung has taken a slightly different take on the combination of features that they think is relevant to customers. Is it your next phone? I managed to get my hands on one and here are some things to consider when looking at the latest and greatest flagship smartphone from Samsung.



The first thing you notice about the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the design. Samsung has decided to take a very interesting direction on the style of the back of the S5, it has a slightly dimpled feel that fades quickly into memory. Many people have made a fuss about the dimples but in reality, it doesn’t impact the daily use of the phone. That said, other phones have more of a personality when you hold them, like the iPhone or the HTC One (M8) or the Sony Xperia Z2. They feel significant and powerful while the S5 gives no impression at all. It just exists…until you turn it on.

Maybe you inspect a phone without turning it on first like I do. If not, you’ll skip straight to the best part of the S5: the AMOLED screen. The blacks are like looking into a void and give a contrast similar to a solar eclipse. Stunning and brilliant and so incredibly fascinating to watch. Samsung puts quite a bit of vivid colors into their backgrounds and accents to take advantage of the contrast and it makes for a fun experience when swiping and tapping through the Android experience.


Android Made Fun!

Speaking of the Android experience, once you get past all of the Samsung add ons that are just gimmicks, you’ll find that the fitness additions to Android are actually quite simple and easy to use and also quite useful. For example, the heart rate sensor works (I guess) but for the average person, I can’t imagine it actually being relevant to their life. For someone who needs to check their heart rate for medical reasons, sure, makes sense but it really just feels like a bar trick. I like knowing that the S5 was tracking my footsteps every day even if I didn’t remember to tell it to do so that particular day. Once you set up the fitness apps, they work for you instead of you managing them every day. More subtle than the actual apps are the little beeps that accompany every single tap and they help make for an upbeat experience compared to the serious nature of other Android skin. Not to say that it doesn’t include some seriously productive and efficient tools, the best of which is the Ultra Power Saving mode that will give you incredible battery life on low charge by limiting the functions of the S5 so it can retain the battery charge for as long as possible.

On top of all of that is the waterproof, dustproof, and durable build of the S5. You can take the S5 anywhere you can possibly imagine and it will perform admirably. Stay inside and take advantage of the big AMOLED screen or go outside and run around taking pictures in the rain or anything in between. The S5 can handle any situation you can throw at it because its plastic and completely sealed and it has the powerful internals to run anything. Samsung has built a smartphone to free yourself from the confines of the fragile smartphones of the past. So what will you do with the S5?

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