5 Incredible desk setups to boost your productivity

It doesn't matter whether you sit, stand, or alternate throughout the day. The way you arrange your desk can really impact your workflow. Because productivity begins at your desk, we’ve compiled some of the most incredible desk setups to help you focus.

5 Incredible desk setups to boost your productivity
  • Does a standing desk increase productivity? Yes! A standing desk doesn’t only help reduce your stress but it also helps you combat obesity and weight gain due to prolonged hours sitting at work.
  • Is there a desk you can reshape based on your needs? You’re in luck – Modulos lets you create the desk of your dreams thanks to its modular structure.
  • What are the top five things the perfect desk setup should have? Ideally, you should have a posture-improving chair, a modular desk, a monitor or laptop with a stand at the perfect angle, a keyboard and mouse, and great lighting to make your workspace feel more bright and cheerful.

As we’re all remote workers at Gadget Flow, our focus depends on our workspace. Naturally, that makes our desk a very important aspect of feeling productive every single working day. As such, we’ve been on the hunt for desk setups that inspire focus but offer a minimalist design approach. You don’t need a billion gadgets and devices to boost your productivity (although a few can help). A minimal desk with just the right accessories is enough to give you the inspiration you need at the beginning of your workday.

We scoured the internet and found these five incredible desk setups. In addition to the inspiration, we’ll also discuss a few tips on what you can do to make your desk look beautiful and inspire productivity at the same time.

Keep it simple

This desk setup by James McDonald highlights a very important aspect of a beautiful work setup – simplicity. Being a part of the new digital generation, our work lives revolve around a computer and smartphones. Rather than the need for additional products and devices, you can focus on a bigger desk (if you have the space!) with a comfortable chair and minimal accessories.

Desk setup by James ↯ McDonald

Desk setup by James ↯ McDonald

Setup suggestions:

1. The Pavel Vetrov Olly Designer Writing Desk has slots to hold and organize your stationery and smaller gadgets.

2. The Kikkerland Concrete Desk Lamp Planter offers a truly refreshing vibe.

3. Grovemade has a Wool Felt Desk Pad to make your desk look neat and stylish.

Accessories that don’t overdo it

We all love to accessorize our desks. These smaller items might not contribute to our workflow but they allow us to personalize our space and add a dash of happiness to our day. For example, having your favorite superhero bobblehead on the desk or a souvenir you got from your last vacation is a great way to inject your personality into your space. This desk set up by Marcelo Silva showcases the right kind of accessory love with a beautiful setup.

Desk set up by Marcelo Silva

Desk set up by Marcelo Silva

Setup suggestions:

1. TheArtifox Desk 02 provides plenty of space to hold everything in a minimalist style.

2. Grovemade’s Walnut Monitor Stand lets you prop up your iMac at the perfect angle.

Let there be light

Having the right lighting can make or break your productivity. It doesn’t matter what time of day you work; both natural light and artificial light are crucial. We suggest keeping your desk in a nice bright room. But, in addition to that, you can add some extra light with a great lamp. This desk setup by Kieron Scott highlights a very organized work desk with a lot of light thanks to the large window with a city view. And with the space underneath the desk, you can easily store your things without cluttering up the top.

Desk setup by Kieron Scott

Desk setup by Kieron Scott

Setup suggestions:

1. This Mid Century Desk by Jeremiah Collection combines style and minimalism.

2. The Logitech MX Sound Motion Activated Speakersdeliver some serious sound while taking up minimum real estate on your desk.

3. The Muemma Trellis Wooden Desktop Charger keeps your desk essentials in place.

Switch easily between a laptop and monitor

As remote workers, our lives aren’t confined to our desks so many of us use laptops as well as desktops. As a result, we also often combine the two to double up our screen space. Check out this desk setup by Pierre-Etienne Ferraro – it’s designed to let you switch between the two seamlessly while also giving you plenty of space to work and create.

Desk setup by Pierre-Etienne Ferraro

Desk setup by Pierre-Etienne Ferraro

Setup suggestions:

1. The Tabula Sense Smart Desk props up your devices and even has a mug warmer.

2. For a touch of light, the Laito Wood Table/Desk Lamp adds a retro spark to your modern desk.

3. This Wooden Desktop Cable Organizer keeps all your cables organized and in reach throughout the day.

Nighttime made productive

For most remote workers, 9-5 doesn’t really fit the daily grind. Instead, you could be working very early in the morning or well into the night. For those of you who love to work after the sun sets, here’s a desk set up by Dicson Li that inspires nocturnal productivity.

Desk set up by Dicson Li

Desk set up by Dicson Li

Set up suggestions:

1. The SHARKK Boombox Portable Bluetooth Speakergives you impressive surround sound to keep your workspace alive.

2. These minimalist neon lights add some fun no matter what you’re into.

Before you redesign your perfect desk arrangement, here are some tips you should consider:

Ideal desk setup tips

1. The ideal chair height is one where your thighs are parallel to the ground while sitting and your knees are at a 90-degree angle.
2. Your elbows should form a 90-degree angle with your desktop or laptop so that you can type without affecting your wrist or arm muscles.
3. The top of the monitor screen should line up with your eyes when you’re sitting straight up in your chair.
4. Your monitor should also be at a distance where you can read without tilting your head or hunching forward.
5. A posture-effective chair will help you to sit up straight to prevent pain.

After years and years of remote work, we know that these tips help us make the most of our time while we work. It can be tough to find inspiration if you don’t upgrade your workspace often; it’s like sorting through your closet or getting a haircut. The more you do it, the happier you’ll be.

What’s the one thing on your desk that makes you feel productive every day? Share with us in the comments below.

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