7 Smart gadgets to help you survive the holidays with your family

The holidays are supposed to be full of wonder and cheer. But, sharing a home with 10+ family members for days can lead to everyone going a little crazy. Rather than wait for things to bubble over, prepare yourself in advance.

7 Smart gadgets to help you survive the holidays with your family
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Gifts. Coziness. Home-cooked meals. Quality time with family. Nothing beats going home for the holidays. While on paper it sounds like a magical time, the reality of spending such a long time with family in close living quarters can lead to stress and bickering.

Don’t worry! These smart gadgets are here to help. From better Wi-Fi to endless entertainment, they’ll make the holidays much (MUCH) better.

TechDen™ – Screen Time Managing Device

Holidays are all about quality time with your loved ones. As such, spending that time with your nose buried in your device isn’t going to fly. With TechDen™, you can keep your devices safely stored away from you and your family. This little box keeps them out of sight and out of mind (all while charging your devices) to remind you what the holidays are all about.

7 Smart gadgets to help you survive the holidays with your family - TechDen™ – Screen Time Managing Device

Spend more quality time by storing your devices away

eero True Mesh Home Wi-Fi System

With the entire family under one roof, you’re going to run into Wi-Fi speed issues. When you’re not using TechDen™, eero is your savior. The mesh Wi-Fi system offers fast and stable Wi-Fi in every corner of your house (making it perfect for you to sneak out and spend some time on your device).

7 Smart gadgets to help you survive the holidays with your family - eero True Mesh Home Wi-Fi System

Fast Wi-Fi no matter how full your house is

BESTEK Compact USB Power Strip

Don’t fight over precious outlet space – make room for everyone with the BESTEK Compact USB Power Strip. This smart multi-charger can charge up to seven devices at the same time. It comes with four smart USB charging ports on two sides and can even identify your device to determine the best charging speed.

7 Smart gadgets to help you survive the holidays with your family - BESTEK Compact USB Power Strip

Make room for everyone to charge

muse Brain-Sensing Headband

With all this family time, it’s important to make some time for yourself. After all, the holidays are supposed to be relaxing. This incredible gadget leads you to deeper relaxation through meditation. muse sits just above your ears and connects to the accompanying app. Using earbuds, the app plays calming sounds, such as gently crashing waves on the beach or the soothing rhythm of the rainforest, to whisk you off to relaxation.

7 Smart gadgets to help you survive the holidays with your family - muse – The Brain Sensing Headband

Make some time for yourself during the holidays

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

For many, family time means movie time. Whether you’re putting on the Christmas classic Die Hard or something more kid-friendly, you need options. With a Wi-Fi antenna design, this media streaming stick is made for 4K Ultra HD streaming. The Fire TV Stick 4K comes with more apps and games than standard media sticks. Complete with the Alexa Voice Remote, you can launch and control your movies, shows, and more using just your voice.

7 Smart gadgets to help you survive the holidays with your family - Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

Stream anything you family wants to watch

Voice Originals When In Rome Alexa Travel Trivia Game

Take family game night to the next level by inviting Alexa to the table. This Alexa-powered game uses real people from around the world to ask the questions. As your pilot and game host, Alexa transports you to various cities around the world map game board.

Breville Smart Countertop Oven Air

What are the holidays without good food? The Breville smart oven does everything you need to make your food tastier than you can imagine. Armed with the latest technology, this system can toast, cook, crisp, base, and more. In fact, it comes ready to go with 13 different preset functions to sort out your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It even has an air-fry setting to keep the calories low and the flavors high.

Are you headed home for the holidays? What are some must-haves on your list? Share with us in the comments!

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