8 Unique cooking devices that help you serve incredible food

You don’t need to be a Michelin-star chef to create great food. You don’t even need a robot chef to do it for you. These unique cooking devices are all designed to help you get maximum flavor right at home.

8 Unique cooking devices that help you serve incredible food
  • What are some useful but affordable kitchen gadgets? There’s no need to relegate yourself to microwave meals. Instead, get the right tools in your hand to make the best dishes you can. Sometimes, even the smallest tool can have the biggest difference.
  • Which kitchen gadgets help save time? Don’t succumb to the pressure and bring out the take-out menus. Tackle the task of cooking with the power of technology.
  • Where can I find more kitchen gadgets? Check out our collection of smart and useful kitchen gadgets to make your time in the kitchen easy and hassle-free.

Nowadays, it seems there’s a wide spectrum of cooking abilities. Some of us are culinary masters, foraging for ingredients and applying techniques that would make Heston Blumenthal proud. But, some of us are simply masters of Uber Eats.

If you fall in the middle and are looking for a way to incorporate innovation into your cooking or you just want to improve every meal, these unique cooking devices are for you.

Electric Smokeless Grill by VonShef

This electric grill is perfect for those who live in apartments but still want to have BBQs. No matter what time of year it is, you can get that summer barbeque feeling with this indoor grill. Cook up whatever you like—from vegetables to meats—with this countertop grill. And don’t worry about setting off the smoke alarm because the grill is totally smokeless thanks to an internal fan.

Uutensil Stirr Automatic Pan Stirrer

This device rotates automatically at the push of a button to stir your soups, sauces, gravy, and more to perfection. Powered by four AA batteries, Stirr mixes the ingredients in your pot or pan so you don’t have to do it yourself. The automatic pan stirrer rotates around the dish on its own, without requiring any supervision. Made from nylon, the legs are heat resistant to 248°F.

Bella Linea Extra Wide Toaster

Complete with a beautiful retro design, this toaster is exceptionally modern. The two-slice capacity is the perfect amount for your breakfast each morning. However, the slots are special in that they are wide enough for any type of bread. You could add in regular white bread, a bagel, waffles, and even that specialty loaf from the baker. No matter which you choose, you can use the six shade settings on the front to get it just right every time.

Anova Precision Cooker

This cooker function as an excellent smart sous-vide cooking by being compatible with your smartphone. Simply set it in a pot with the food placed inside it in a sealed bag. Once started, the water circulates around the food to ensure it gets cooked evenly and to perfection. With just a simple touch on the corresponding smartphone app, preparing amazing meals is just a click away.

Charcoal Champion Kitchenque Stovetop Smoker

Smoking your food results in a complex and delicious taste that is hard to replicate without using an actual smoker. Luckily, smoking food indoors is easy thanks to the Kitchenque. This stovetop smoker works with most stovetops, reaching up to 400°F to smoke and cook food simultaneously. You can also cook your food separately and add it to the smoker later on for a touch of added smokey deliciousness.

Breville Pizzaiolo Smart Countertop Pizza Oven

Using Element iQ system’s algorithms, this domestic countertop can replicate a traditional brick oven by reaching 750°F. The Pizzaiolo imitates the three forms of heat that brick ovens are known for, including convective, conductive, and radiant. The system also replicates the ideal environment for baking Thin & Crispy, Pan, New York, and even Frozen pizzas. Say goodbye to delivery and hello to freshly cooked.

June Oven Intelligent Countertop Oven

Combining seven appliances in one, this kitchen gadget produces tasty meals at the touch of a button. In fact, June replaces your convection oven, slow cooker, air fryer, toaster, dehydrator, broiler, and warming drawer. Complete with over 100 professionally developed cook programs, the oven automates cooking for guaranteed success. Simply tell June how you want your meal cooked and let it do the rest. June even lets you know when it is done.

BaseCamp Wood Burning Stove and Grill by BioLite

If you really fancy going above and beyond, you can take your skills to the great outdoors. This amazing wood burning stove and grill converts heat into usable electricity and can be used for outdoor cooking as well as charging your devices. The stove operates on fallen branches or small pieces of firewood and is an eco-friendly for wood-fired meals anytime outdoors. It’s a far better alternative to fossil-fueled stoves that burns smarter and doesn’t pollute the environment.

Which one of these would you add to your kitchen? Share with us in the comments below.

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