This automated baby bouncer turns your car seat into a rocker

You’ve brought your baby to a friend’s dinner party hoping she’ll eventually settle to sleep in her car seat. Trouble is, dear daughter knows she’s out and can’t doze off in the new and exciting environment. You’re stuck rocking her to sleep in her car seat, hoping you’ll get to enjoy a splash of wine and your friend's cooking at some point.

This automated baby bouncer turns your car seat into a rocker
BOBBY Automated Baby Bouncer in Use

Parents everywhere understand the difficulty of getting a fussy baby to calm down when they are outside the home, trying to do other things. The BOBBY automated baby bouncer puts an end to that struggle. After a dinner party similar to the one above, the BOBBY’s maker wondered why, in the 21st century, we were still rocking our babies like people did in the 1900s. It’s an excellent question. And luckily, now it’s one with an answer.

He invented BOBBY, an automated baby bouncer that turns your baby‘s car seat into a bouncer.

BOBBY is a smart baby bouncer

The BOBBY’S motion is designed to adapt to your baby‘s weight and car seat. The bouncer works with the natural oscillation of your baby’s car seat to produce a calming rocking motion that’s similar to being held by a parent. The smart gadget pushes the curved seat in a consistent upward motion adapted to your baby’s weight. So the steady rocking is the perfect, natural rhythm to keep your baby calm while you get things done.

BOBBY is safe to use with small babies and toddlers

As a parent, you know that leaving your baby for long periods in a car seat is not healthy for her spine. For this reason, BOBBY shuts off automatically after 30 minutes. This way, you can be sure your baby is safe even though you’re busy doing other things. And 30 minutes is an eternity for a busy parent. You could get in a workout, send some emails, pay your bills, or even watch a short show on Netflix.

An automated baby rocker that is easy to use

Sleep-deprived, time-strapped parents don’t need a complicated baby rocker. That’s why this automated baby bouncer is simple to use. There are just three steps. 1. Turn the bouncer on. 2. Place the BOBBY under the car seat (in the front or back). 3. Push your baby‘s car seat by pressing BOBBY’S pusher and release it. You can also adjust the speed by pressing the + or – buttons if your baby prefers a faster or gentler motion. There you go, you’ve got 30 minutes for yourself.

Take this unique baby bouncer anywhere

Busy parents need a portable baby device. That’s why this automated baby bouncer is small. Just 4 inches in diameter and 5.11 inches in height, BOBBY can easily fit in your diaper bag, stroller, suitcase or carry-on. And because it’s lightweight—just 33.5 oz—you won’t strain yourself by carrying it. Additionally, the BOBBY features portable charging since a 5.200 mAh rechargeable battery powers it. So you can recharge BOBBY just as you would any other device. The battery is safe to operate, and it is even safe to fly with.

Baby gear that can charge your phone

Did your phone run out of batteries during that playdate? That’s not a problem when you’ve brought the BOBBY. In addition to calming your baby for 30 minutes, this ultimate parent friend can charge your smartphone its micro USB port. Truly, the BOBBY is a lifesaver for parents in more ways than one.

BOBBY is BPA-free and splash-proof

As a parent, you’re always looking for the safest and most accident-proof baby products. For this reason, the BOBBY features BPA-free materials and is splash-proof. So if your baby comes into contact with BOBBY, you can be sure she won’t be touching materials laden with harmful chemicals.  The device is also splash-proof and has been awarded an IP54 protection rating. This means that BOBBY will be safe from limited dust ingress and water spray from any direction. So small milk spills and drips of water won’t harm this gadget.

BOBBY Automated Baby Bouncer

BOBBY Automated Baby Bouncer in Use

What we love about the BOBBY

We love that someone has finally invented an effective, safe, and easy way to automatically rock a baby. The fact that it’s incredibly portable and charges your smartphone makes this baby-rocking device even better. It would be a great baby shower or christening gift.

What we would love to see

There aren’t too many ways to improve a gadget that keeps your baby happy for 30 minutes. However, it might be nice to see this product with a few more color options, especially since the BOBBY would make an excellent gift for a new parent.

Where can you buy BOBBY?

You can pre-order the BOBBY automated baby bouncer on for $81.60.

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