You Can Scribble Like Crazy on This Dry Erase Desk

You Can Scribble Like Crazy on This Dry Erase Desk

Usually speaking, note-taking is reserved for specific surfaces. We either delicately peel away another Post-it note or walk over to the nearest whiteboard. But with the WriteyDesk dry erase desk, you can make notes on your desk — quite literally.

– Dry erase desk lets you scribble notes without paper

– It comes with smudge-proof liquid chalk neon markers

– When you want to start again, simply wipe down the desk with a damp cloth

Dry erase desk

For some children, the urge to draw on furniture can be overpowering. Over the years, we learn to control these impulses and resort to doodling on paper. Still, you see many adults making full use of the office whiteboard.

With WriteyDesk, you never need to curb your instincts. This dry erase desk is perfect for scribbling down telephone numbers, making notes and simply procrastinating. It comes with four regular dry erase marker pens and eight liquid chalk neon markers.

You Can Scribble Like Crazy on This Dry Erase Desk 2

The notes you make in liquid chalk won’t smudge on the table, however hard you rub. This is great for noting down things you need to reference regularly. When you want to revert to a clean slate, you can wipe away all your notes with a damp cloth, with no trace left behind.

Aside from this neat trick, WriteyDesk is a really nice piece of workspace furniture. You can choose a plain white top for contrast, or get the natural grain of birch. Each option has a glossy top layer for your notes.

You Can Scribble Like Crazy on This Dry Erase Desk

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Underneath, the Z-leg design provides a sense of contemporary style. You can also insert an optional bookcase just below the top surface for extra storage space and stability.

“It’s time to stop making excuses and create solutions! Instantly write down what comes to mind and expedite your critical and creative thinking.” – WriteyDesk on Kickstarter

What we ❤️ 

The ability to scribble random thoughts, complex equations and anything else that comes to mind, on your desk. Simply awesome!

You Can Scribble Like Crazy on This Dry Erase Desk 5

Future designs

We would love to see more designs, and maybe different types of furniture.


You can pre-order WriteyDesk now via Kickstarter, with prices starting from $240 for the 24 x 48-inch desk, pens and eraser cloths.

What would you scribble on your own dry erase desk? Share your doodles below!


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