Thinking of buying a smart bed? Here’s what you need to know

When you struggle to sleep, any technological assistance seems like a wise investment. But should you spend your hard-earned cash on a smart bed? Here’s our overview of the technology and our favorite products.

Thinking of buying a smart bed? Here’s what you need to know
Best Smart Beds of 2019
  • What is a smart bed? It’s any bed or mattress with electronic features, such as built-in sensors or heat pads.
  • How does a smart bed help you sleep? Some attempt to provide better temperature regulation, while others focus on improving your sleep posture.
  • Are smart beds worth the money? If you struggle with sleep, purchasing a good smart bed could be a wise investment.

For those of us who are interested in technology, new products always hold some excitement. Perhaps we are the naturally curious; adventurous types who want to try something before anyone else. In some cases, this outlook brings great rewards. At other times, we are hungry fish biting on an unappealing lure. Sleep tech is the latest bait, with devices that promise to improve your rest. But should you buy a smart bed? Here’s our take.

Should you buy a smart bed?

For anyone who struggles with sleep, buying a smart sleep surface seems like an obvious upgrade.

The thing is, there is no set definition for these devices. Some are smart in the sense of having adjustable firmness, while others have built-in speakers. The difference between the two in terms of efficacy should be pretty obvious.

Thinking of buying a smart bed? Here's what you need to know

Some of these beds are pretty fancy

If you are thinking about buying a smart bed, it’s worth considering what features will actually benefit you.

For instance, some people have partners with very different preferences in terms of temperature or firmness. An intelligent bed can help with both of these problems by providing customized settings for each person.

Thinking of buying a smart bed? Here's what you need to know

Cool on one side, warm on the other

People who suffer with specific aches and injuries may also benefit from using intelligent sleep software. Some smart beds come with companion apps that can suggest settings based on data from sleep sensors.

Thinking of buying a smart bed? Here's what you need to know

Find the perfect settings for you

Bear in mind that many smart bed startups offer free trials. If you are not sure about making an expensive purchase, it’s definitely worth taking a test drive.

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The best smart beds in 2019

Want to get your hands on the latest sleep tech? Here are some of the best smart beds currently available:

Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

This intelligent bed allows you to select the perfect firmness and support on each side. The Sleep Number 360 also detects your movements overnight to assess the quality of your sleep and provide helpful sleep coaching.

Price: $999 USD

Yaasa Smart Adjustable Support Bed

Thanks to a special folding surface, Yaasa offers a range of different sleeping positions. One of these is meant to simulate zero gravity, thus relieving pressure on your body.

Price: $1,499 USD

Eight Sleep Pod High Tech Bed

The Eight Sleep Pod is, quite simply, packed with great technology. You get multiple layers of memory foam, interspersed with heating pads that change temperature dynamically for each person.

Price: $1,995 USD

Purple PowerBase Adjustable Mattress Base

This smart base offers five levels of True Resonant Frequency Massage, helping you to relax. You can also move the bed into different positions, including Zero G.

Price: $1,399 USD

HiCan Luxury Smart Bed

Happen to have $40,000 floating around? You might consider ordering the HiCan. This remarkable piece of furniture offers privacy blinds, a huge built-in TV screen, sleep tracking technology, adjustable lighting, and so much more.

Price: $40,350.60 USD

The best sleep tech

Have you adopted sleep tech as part of your bedtime routine? We would love to hear your experiences in the comments!

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