Coldsnap at CES 2021 is like a Keurig for ice-creams

With ColdSnap, you can create a plethora of frozen treats at home, such as: cocktails, yogurts, ice-cream, smoothies, and more. Continue reading to discover what this kitchen gadget can do.

Coldsnap at CES 2021 is like a Keurig for ice-creams
Coldsnap frozen treat machine

The Coldsnap makes ice cream and frozen drinks, so you and your co-workers, friends, and family can enjoy a delightfully frozen beverage with ease.

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Most impressively, it serves the ice cream or other frozen treats and treats in less than two minutes.

What can you make with ColdSnap?

This kitchen gadget can conjure up various beverages, including ice-cream, frozen smoothies, frozen coffees, frozen yogurts, frozen cocktails, slushes, and more. The result is a delightful drink that’ll suit everyone’s tastebuds. Plus, with a velvety, smooth texture, it creates a delicious flavor. In fact, the delectable texture is all down to the recyclable aluminum pods that feature a built-in QR code and mixer to create the perfect texture.

In addition, there’s also the choice of creating non-dairy alternatives, such as using oat or soya milk for vegans. And the waiting time is less than two minutes, so you can enjoy a frozen dessert with little waiting time.

Is it complicated to use?

ColdSnap is user-friendly. When you’re ready for a frozen treat, load a pod into the drawer. Press the button, and it’ll begin creating your dessert or drink immediately. And each pod makes multiple servings, so you don’t have to change them when you have guests over. Best of all, you don’t have to do any prep work or cleaning up during and after use.

ColdSnap is a kitchen appliance you’ll want to keep on your countertop always. Featuring a hefty weight, it’s not designed for portability, but this design provides stability during use and actually decreases your waiting time. Each pod costs between $2.50 and $3 and has a one-year shelf life. Although the price for ColdSnap hasn’t yet been released it’ll be available in 2022.

Will you be making a purchase next year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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