Hate holding your iPad? Handle Plus is the solution

While modern tablets are slimmer than ever, they are still pretty uncomfortable to hold throughout an entire movie. Handle Plus offers a neat hands-free option, with multiple modes to choose from.

Hate holding your iPad? Handle Plus is the solution
  • What is the lightest tablet? At just 0.58 pounds (265 grams), the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 is the lightest mainstream option.
  • When will the next iPad be unveiled? We have only rumors to work on, but there’s a good chance we will see a new iPad this fall.
  • What is the best tablet stand for movies and reading? Handle Plus offers a solid yet versatile base for enjoying great content.

It’s hard to believe in retrospect, but Steve Jobs didn’t like the idea of a tablet. The former boss of Apple believed that consumers wouldn’t want to hold a device of that size for extended periods. Of course, he eventually changed his mind and the iPad was born.

However, Jobs’ initial hunch wasn’t far off the mark. No-one likes holding their tablet through a whole movie, or for the duration of a video call.

Handle Plus is a versatile tablet stand that takes the weight off your hands. It works with pretty much any device, and it supports multiple viewing angles.

What’s the best way to prop up a tablet?

It’s certainly possible to use books and pillows to make your tablet stand upright. But these DIY methods are rarely satisfactory.

versatile tablet stand 09

Hands-free viewing

Handle Plus makes it much easier to read, watch movies and stay productive without holding your tablet. The stand sticks to the back of your device and provides a flip-out support that swivels through 360 degrees.

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Given that this loop is on a hinge, you can prop up your tablet at any angle. In addition, the support doubles as a handle. This means you can hang your tablet from hooks and carry it securely without a bag.

Smart design

versatile tablet stand 05

Easy to install

Unlike many tablet accessories, Handle Plus works on pretty much any device. You can even use it with your e-reader.

versatile tablet stand 03

Slimline design

To get started, you simply attach Handle Plus to the back of your device via the integrated sticky pad. This creates a secure anchor, meaning your tablet won’t suddenly break free.

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Any angle

With the main body attached, you can flip out the hinged loop. This acts as a supportive arm, and you can rotate the loop on the base. As a result, you can easily switch between portrait and landscape mode. Furthermore, the hinge allows you to put your tablet at any angle — from nearly flat to bolt upright.

Tablet grip

versatile tablet stand 08

Tablet grip

As the name implies, Handle Plus also acts as a grip. This is particularly useful when you use your tablet for work, away from the relative comfort of a desk.

versatile tablet stand 06

One-hand use

You can either hold onto the loop like a handle, or put your hand through it like a strap. Either way, it makes it easier to hold a large, polished device with one hand.

“Unlike other market solutions, Handle Plus can be switched between devices in seconds. Leaving for the office? Snap it onto your tablet. Leaving for a day at the beach? Snap it onto your e-reader. No matter the occasion, the answer is always: Handle Plus.” — Handle Plus on Kickstarter

What we ❤️

The simple yet versatile design of Handle Plus means you can always find the perfect viewing angle.

versatile tablet stand 02

Smart design

The real deal?

We’ve seen similar stands before — albeit integrated into model-specific cases. However, the fact that Handle Plus works with any device is a big plus point.


– Kickstarter: Until November 16th

– Pledge: $50 USD

– Delivery: December 2018

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