Keep Your Schedule At Hand With The Calendar Watch

Keep Your Schedule At Hand With The Calendar Watch

Smartwatches, fitness trackers and wearable gadgets are flooding the tech market. So much, that it wouldn’t be far-fetched to claim the marketplace is fragmented.

Many different options and features exist even within the same brands and series. Fitbit has dozens of devices and multiple variants of each model: the Fitbit Charge, Charge 2, Surge, Alta, Alta HR, Flex, Flex 2 and so on. Trying to choose a single device that fits your needs with all the noise can be deafening.

What if you don’t want all the bells and whistles, though? What if you just want a traditional, slightly upgraded watch?

Feast your eyes on the ‘What? Calendar Watch.’ It’s a unique, gorgeous and even has a few “smart” features baked in.

  • The watch comes in three styles: polar white, gunmetal black and aqua blue, all of which are equally sleek.
  • Every model has a genuine leather band that matches the style you select.
  • It comes with a free app that lets you adjust settings and plan your day.
  • You can mange your daily schedule from the watch face.

What Can The Calendar Watch Do?

As its name suggests, this watch shows you the current time while also allowing you to keep an eye on your daily schedule. More specifically, you can see the contrast between the free time and busy time throughout your day.

The readout shows an interesting, highly-functional pie-chart that signifies different chunks or segments of your day. Darker sections indicate an appointment, event or activity — your “busy” time. Lighter pieces show your free time. It’s essentially a scheduling system that shows a visual representation of your day.

Luckily, this watch isn’t something you have to set up or configure with a bunch of janky dials on the side. It syncs directly with your iOS or Android mobile when you download the app to your phone. You can use whichever digital calendar you prefer, whether it’s Google, Yahoo, Facebook or another.

The app automatically pushes changes to your watch to keep your schedule up-to-date.

Other features include automatic time zone changes, a double-tapping feature to swap between 12 and 24-hour displays and vibration alerts for alarms. It can store data for up to 48 hours if it’s disconnected from your mobile service. It’s also waterproof for up to about 164 feet.

One of the biggest pros is that the battery will last for up to two months at a time on a single charge, so there’s no need to worry about charging your watch every night.

How Practical Is It?

Aside from all the bells and whistles, it’s important to address the practicality of the Calendar Watch. Is this something that will contribute to your day and help you more than it will hinder you?

Gadget fatigue is very real in this digital age. If you ask around, at least one person would probably agree that modern devices — like smart watches — can be a huge distraction at times. Sometimes, they cause productivity to suffer.

The Calendar Watch, however, would likely boost productivity as opposed to hurting it.

What We ❤️️

At a glance, you’re able to see your entire schedule as an easy-to-read visual depiction. You’ll know immediately if you have a meeting or interview soon, or if you have some free time to grab a coffee or make a personal phone call.

During a busy day at work, having something this simple to glance at can be a godsend.

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