Love golf? You need to try the new Phigolf simulator

Unlike tennis or football, you can play a round of golf in two hours. But you can take on the virtual courses of WGT with the new Phigolf simulator — without ever leaving your living room.

  • What is WGT (World Golf Tour)? It’s a multiplayer online golf game that allows you to play on legendary real-world courses.
  • How do you play virtual golf? You can play on mobile and desktop devices using touch and click controls, or use a physical controller.
  • What is the best home golf simulator? Phigolf is a brilliant new club-shaped device that syncs with WGT, meaning you can practice your swing at home.

Golf is more of an obsession than a pastime. When your handicap matters, every gardening implement turns into a practice club. You find yourself reading the nap of the carpet, while every pair of tailored pants you own has a tee in the pocket.

For anyone who truly loves golf, the Phigolf WGT simulator is a dream come true. This smart controller lets you play a digital version of the world’s best courses in the comfort of your own home. What’s more, you get to practice your swing with every virtual shot you make.

How do you play virtual golf?

Most golf games are really nothing like the sport. You either have to move a joystick back and forth, or press a button with perfect timing. It’s a fun way to waste time during your lunch break, but it probably won’t sate your appetite for fairway time.

In contrast, Phigolf offers a very realistic golfing experience. The device feels exactly like a club in your hand. The only difference is that there is no clubhead at the bottom of the shaft.

world golf tour - Love golf? You need to try the new Phigolf simulator

The Phigolf club is packed with sensors

Instead, you will find a colored ball packed with sensors. This allows the Phigolf system to track your swing and translate it into the World Golf Tour game.

world golf tour - Love golf? You need to try the new Phigolf simulator

Put your swing in the game with Phigolf

When the summer finally returns, you can even use the Phigolf sensor with your real clubs. Instead of swinging in mid-air, you can smack balls into a practice net and see the virtual results on screen.

World Golf Tour

virtual golf - Love golf? You need to try the new Phigolf simulator

Play WGT with Phigolf

If you love golf but don’t know about the World Golf Tour app, you are definitely missing out.

This free-to-play online game allows golf fans to play photorealistic reconstructions of Pebble Beach, St. Andrews, and many other famous courses.

virtual golf - Love golf? You need to try the new Phigolf simulator

Play multiplayer golf with Phigolf

You can hit the fairways via any web browser or via the WGT smartphone apps. The online aspect also means you can tee off against other players.

New owners of the Phigolf simulator get free access to loads of WGT content, along with in-game coins to spend on clubs and apparel.

virtual golf - Love golf? You need to try the new Phigolf simulator

Play in the comfort of your own home with Phigolf

If that wasn’t enough, Phigolf comes with its own simulation app. This offers more courses to play and lifetime free access.

“Phigolf WGT Edition Mobile Golf Simulator Game combines the World Golf Tour (WGT) mobile game app with the power of Phigolf’s state-of-the-art golf club sensor to become the most exciting, true-to-sport, portable, and affordable golf simulator in the world.” — PhiNetworks

Grip it and rip it

The best thing about Phigolf is that you don’t need to be a scratch golfer to enjoy playing. Just grip it and rip it!

Total integration?

We love the idea of WGT integration. However, only time will tell as to whether the controller really fits with the game.


– Kickstarter: Until December 29th

– Pledge: $99 USD

– Delivery: March 2019

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