Mabot Robot Offers Modular and LEGO-Compatible Fun

Mabot Robot Offers Modular and LEGO-Compatible Fun

Welcome to the robotic LEGO toys of the future. They’re sleek, smooth, and fun to play with unlike the old robotic sets of yesteryear. I remember enjoying them but they were clunky and slow. Mabot is the robot toy I wish I had and, even with a kid on the way, I’m not likely to share any time soon! The key is the powerful pieces are connected by simple yet durable connectors which allow for stable builds and ease of disassembly.

– Durable plastic for rough and tough play

– Numerous robot blueprints to follow

– Build your own robot

Mabot Robot Offers Modular and LEGO-Compatible Fun

Modular and LEGO Compatible Fun

The Mabot is comprised of spheres connected by the little plastic connectors. There are different categories of spheres with one being the “brain,” some being motors, some being wheels powered by said motors. Then, some connector spheres are intended to create more space for connecting other pieces. There’s even another category of pieces (depending on which kit you get) with pieces like a plastic protective piece or motorized hinge joint. The more categories of pieces you have, the more interesting and complex machines you can make.

Mabot Robot Offers Modular and LEGO-Compatible Fun

The instructions are very clear within the Mabot companion app so even younger kids will be able to at least find the right pieces. However, they might need some help figuring out how the connections work the first time. Of note, the Mabot is not recommended for children from ages 0 to 3 which makes sense because of potential choking hazards and the needed mental capacity to understand how the pieces connect.

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The app also lets you control the Mabot much like a remote control car. Different robots have different modes of movement but they’re all controlled via the app which is super cool and easy to use.

Oh, and the Mabot is LEGO compatible. This means you are able to add pieces at any point to thus customize your robot even further.

Mabot Robot Offers Modular and LEGO-Compatible Fun

Build, Build, Build

The magic behind Mabot is not that it is a remote control robot. The magic is how the Mabot forces you to learn. Because of the particular nature of each specific piece, you can’t simply plug any two pieces together and expect something to happen. Especially as a young child, you’re constrained by the limitations of each sphere and then using logic to work within those limitations to then build a functioning, moving, “living” machine.

As a soon-to-be parent, I am excited to introduce my child to this toy for the express purpose of encouraging them to learn. Learn to be creative, learn to be structured. And if this is only a showcase of what future robotic toys are like, I can’t wait! Even better, I may have accidentally tested the durability of the Mabot and can attest to the toughness so I have no worries about any kids breaking it. 😳

Mabot Robot Offers Modular and LEGO-Compatible Fun

What We ❤️

The Mabot is a great toy for young kids. It combines learning, building, and creativity in a simple, durable package. You can get the starter kit and upgrade it with expansion kits as your child grows older and smarter.

Future Designs

Having paper instructions in English would be great. However, the Mabot is controlled by the app so it’s not a deal breaker.


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