Paddle board won’t fit in your car? Easy Eddy is the solution

When the ocean is calm, there is nothing better than serenely drifting along on the water. The Easy Eddy modular paddle board makes it easier to enjoy the experience, with a design that splits for storage.

Paddle board won’t fit in your car? Easy Eddy is the solution
  • How difficult is stand-up paddle boarding? Not very. Most people are fairly steady after a short time on the water.
  • How big is a standard paddle board? The standard sizing is 10–11 feet long and 32–34 inches wide.
  • Does a folding paddle board exist? We haven’t come across one. But Easy Eddy splits into three sections, allowing the board to fit in any car.

Over the past few years, stand-up paddle boarding has really taken off. It’s a fun activity for anyone with an affinity for water, but without the energy to battle big waves. As the name suggests, all you need is a board and a paddle.

The only problem is, the boards are huge. They won’t fit in most cars, and you wouldn’t want to carry one for long. The solution? Easy Eddy is a modular paddle board that splits into three parts for storage and transportation.

What is a modular paddle board?

Standard paddle boards are made from long sheets of foam and fiberglass. There is little flex in such boards, and they measure up to 11 feet long. In contrast, a modular paddle board comes in sections. When you arrive at the beach, you simply clip these parts together.

modular paddle board 02

Easy Eddy comes in three parts

Easy Eddy is an excellent example. This three-piece SUP is great for quick trips down to the ocean, and it offers impressive performance on the water.

on the water 06

Eddy Easy is impressive on the water

Before assembly, the board measures just 49 inches long and 32.5 inches wide. It weighs around 37 pounds, and can support 225 pounds. A special locking system keeps the three sections rock solid, and there’s a retractable fin for stability.

modular paddle board 03

This paddle board has loads of great features

Easy Eddy also has built-in waterproof storage, an action camera mount, and even a cup holder. Life on the water doesn’t get much better.

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Eco-friendly yet sturdy

Most water sports enthusiasts care about the state of our oceans. So it’s nice to see that Easy Eddy is made from reclaimed plastic. What’s more, the entire board can be recycled at the end of its lifespan.

on the water 04

Easy Eddy is made from reclaimed plastic

But don’t mistake these green credentials for weakness; Easy Eddy has been built to last. The board is made from the same stuff as kayaks, and the joints are ridiculously strong. Meanwhile, a grippy top surface makes this board ideal for yoga on the water.

Easy Eddy comes with a neat carry bag. You can also get a three-piece paddle with your modular paddle board, should you wish.

“Easy Eddy’s patented, three-piece modular design assembles in less than 60 seconds, so you can get on the water faster — and more often!”

“Made in our Leominster, MA roto-molding factory, Easy Eddy also features exclusive features like a waterproof storage hatch, retractable fin and even a cup holder!” — Easy Eddy on Indiegogo

Get on the water

While you can take a blow-up paddle board down to the shore, they take forever to inflate. In contrast, Easy Eddy slots together in seconds — ideal when the light is fading fast.

Limited edition

Along with the standard white version, Easy Eddy comes in four limited edition colors. These styles won’t come around again, so get them while you can!


– Indiegogo: Pre-order now

– Pledge: $1,197 USD

– Delivery: August 2019

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