Paq Is the Most Versatile Travel Bag on Earth

Paq Is the Most Versatile Travel Bag on Earth

Unless you happen to own a yacht, seeing the world means traveling light. Baggage fees are pretty high on most airlines, so you can probably take only one suitcase and one carry-on bag. For folks planning to tour multiple countries in the same trip, every inch of this luggage space counts. The Paq travel bag combines incredible versatility and spacious capacity, making it the ideal carry-on companion for your adventures. You can use it as a backpack or a shoulder bag, and it is covered in clever design features.

– Innovative rotating buckles allow you to switch from backpack to duffel bag

– Massive 40-liter capacity includes 17-inch laptop sleeve and pocket for tablets

– Highly durable TPE-coated melange polyester shell can survive any adventure

Versatile Travel Bag

There is no better way to carry the significant bulk of your entire vacation kit list than with a rucksack. Spreading the load evenly across your shoulders, with a little help from your back, offers optimal comfort. However, backpacks are not great for every situation. If you need quick access to documents or your camera, a shoulder bag is far preferable.

With Paq, you don’t have to choose between the two designs. This innovative travel bag has rotating buckles, which allow the shoulder strap to switch position. Within seconds, you can convert your Paq from backpack to duffel bag configuration.

[tweet_box]The Paq travel bag combines incredible versatility and spacious capacity[/tweet_box]

Furthermore, this bag hits the maximum carry-on capacity allowed by most airlines. You also get great storage options, protected by a durable shell.

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Smart Travel

Despite its enormous 40-liter capacity, the Paq is remarkably elegant. Look closely at the sleek gray exterior, and you encounter premium leather handles and durable red zipper pulls.

But this supermodel can rough it with the journeymen. The TPE-coated melange polyester exterior is both tough and water resistant. The panel that faces away from your back is cushioned, and reinforced with plastic. The zippers have TPU seals, and the buckles can hold 250 pounds.

Speaking of buckles, you can easily remove, attach, and rotate each strap using Paq’s unique system. This allows you to switch between the two modes with ease. In addition, the bag has rotating shoulder straps for improved comfort, and a removable waist strap. Meanwhile, the perforated EVA backrest prevents a sticky build-up of heat.

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Clever Storage

Much of Paq’s clever stuff is actually hidden away. Even folks with a huge 17-inch laptop are catered for by the spacious sleeve. A separate protected sleeve holds any tablet with a screen of up to 13 inches. To make working on the go more straightforward, the external battery pocket has a cable passthrough.

Within the main compartment, concealed compression straps keep your clothes neatly folded. You can strap your tripod onto the outside, and even your water bottle gets a dedicated pocket. Finally, backers on IndieGoGo get a bonus shoe bag and daypack. You couldn’t ask for much more, really.

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“Sitting at the crossroads of functionality and style, the Paq Carry On Travel Bag is perfect for those who want to make the most out of their carry on item.”

“With our patented rotating buckles, the Paq Carry On Travel Bag, easily transforms from a backpack to a duffel bag with room to carry all the gear you need for your extended travels.” — Paq Bags on IndieGoGo

What We ❤️

Loads of space, great comfort features, and a durable design.

Future Designs

Bringing the same build quality and features to other luggage would be most welcome.


– IndieGoGo: Until August 31st

– Pledge: $169 USD

– Deal: Gadget Flow members get 32% off!

– Delivery: December 2017

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