Love adventure? You need to try the new Phoenix survival knives

Carrying a good blade is essential if you want to thrive in the wilderness. These new survival knives are more versatile than most.

Love adventure? You need to try the new Phoenix survival knives
  • Why do I need a survival knife? A good blade can help you prepare food, make fire, and perform running repairs.
  • Which knife should I buy? That depends on your needs. Some knives are made for meat prep, while others are good for whittling wood.
  • What is the best hunting knife? The answer is quite subjective, but the Phoenix survival knives are certainly worth considering.

A good knife serves many purposes in the great outdoors. One sharp blade can be used to prepare food, cut open packets, spark a fire, and make running repairs to your shelter.

Of course, different knives are adept at different things. This is why survival knives come in so many shapes and sizes. But ultimately, sharpness and durability are the most important attributes.

The Phoenix survival knives have both of the traits, along with some nice extra features. They are also very light, meaning you won’t ever be tempted to leave them behind.

What is a hunting knife?

As the name suggests, a hunting knife is designed for meat preparation. The blade is shaped for skinning and filleting an animal.

The Phoenix Talon performs this role perfectly. Measuring just 0.158 inches thick, this slimline blade can easily navigate the smallest of carcasses. It weighs 7.7 ounces, with perfect balance and a grippy G10 handle. The Talon also has a replaceable gut hook that requires no sharpening.

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But the Talon is more than a knife. In fact, you could call it a survival multitool. At the end of the handle, the Talon has a unique firestarter. You only need to flick it with one finger to get a spark.

survival knives 03

Precision design

The Talon even works as a small hammer, helping you drive your tent pegs into the dry earth. The knife has been given a sturdy tang in order to avoid it breaking under pressure.

Finally, there’s the hidden storage. Take off one side of the handle, and you will find a small gap that can hold a replacement hook or some tinder.

Lightweight survival knives

survival knives 06

The Phoenix Feather

While the Talon has been loaded with features, the Phoenix Feather takes the opposite approach. At only 0.098 inches thick and 1.05 ounces in weight, this blade is stripped back to the bare essentials.

survival knives 07

Perfect for food prep

Made from a single piece of stainless steel, the Feather is ideal for smaller tasks and food preparation. It also acts as a useful sidekick to the Talon. The all-metal handle has holes for driver bits, and the end of the handle can be used with flathead screws.

survival knives 04

Well-made blades

Both knives are made from super-strong 9cr18 stainless steel alloy, and each blade comes with a durable sheath.

“The Phoenix Talon and Feather set are the perfect complement for all hunting adventures. They both have their own perfectly fitted Kydex sheaths that are modular and designed to be carried alone or together.” — outdoor element on Kickstarter

What we ❤️

The folks at outdoor element have borrowed the best features of several other knives in order to create a great pair of blades.

survival knives 08

Always by your side

Future designs

A similar knife with a more traditional survival-style blade would probably appeal to many adventurers.


– Kickstarter: Until August 16th

– Pledge: $100 USD

– Delivery: December 2018

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