5 Backpacks for frequent travelers to make the most of any trip

Do you spend more time traveling than sitting in one place? Don't get bogged down by cumbersome duffle bags or carry-ons. Instead, tackle your weekend trips or mini vacations with these backpacks for frequent travelers.

5 Backpacks for frequent travelers to make the most of any trip
  • Is there a bag that can adapt to your needs? We recently discovered this Italian Leather Carryall. It lets you change the compartments based on your needs of work, travel, or even parenting.
  • What’s the easiest way to stay charged up on the go? The ideal solution is a USB charging backpack. Just connect your power bank to the USB port from inside and use the external USB port on the backpack to charge your gadgets from anywhere.
  • What’s the best backpack for traveling on your bike? Ideally, a bag that attaches to your bike seat to stay out of the way.

We all know traveling is a relaxing way to refresh your mind as well as explore new places. But, lugging around your luggage is a sure-fire way to hinder your enjoyment. While you may need a large suitcase in your hotel room, roaming around with the right backpack can lighten your load and let you take in everything around you. Check out our list of backpacks for frequent travelers to get the most out of your journey.

YETI Panga Waterproof Backpack 28

Combining durability and a functional design, this airtight pack is both comfortable and practical. It features ergonomic DryHaul shoulder straps, making it easy to carry more weight with less burden. In addition, the removable waist belt and chest straps offer more security and stability during your trek.

It is both comfortable and practical.

It is both comfortable and practical.

Why we love it: Designed for trekking, it can handle all Mother Nature has to offer.

MFP 5.0 Multipurpose Family Backpack

Making life easier for families, this innovative backpack features a modular design to cater to the evolving needs of every family member. Transforming into five individual components, the backpack provides a bag for everyone.

Multipurpose Family Backpack

Multipurpose Family Backpack

Why we love it: If you’re on a family vacation, you can easily lighten your load by having everyone carry their own bag.

SportHacks Modular Bag

Worn as a duffle bag or a backpack, this highly functional sports bag comes with a fully detachable and modular shoe case. The integrated smell and waterproof laundry bag also provide a place to store your smelly and wet clothes or shoes without touching your other items.

Why we love it: There are an incredible number of features to streamline every part of your travels.

Cabin X One Hybrid Carry-On Travel Case

Featuring a patent-pending design, this intelligent packing system transforms into a backpack in an instant. This allows you to use the case as a trolley for easy traveling or take it anywhere by simply wearing it.

Why we love it: No two days on vacation are the same and this bag can change as often as your needs.

NOMATIC Backpack and Travel Pack

With smart storage solutions and a huge list of features, these bags are great for everyday use or any trip away from home. The NOMATIC backpack has plenty of internal pockets for your clothes and gear and there’s even space for your laptop.

Everyday use backpack

Everyday use backpack

Why we love it: The internal compartments bring a bit of tidiness to chaotic travel.

Which backpack would you carry on your next trip? Share with us in the comments below!

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