This reimagined leather bag is the perfect blend of style and function

You appreciate the classics, both the materials and the designs. They are reliable and never go out of style But you like modern function and practicality. Wouldn’t it be great if your everyday bag could combine classic design with modern functionality? You need a bag that combines all these things.

This reimagined leather bag is the perfect blend of style and function
TANTUM from Hyde Reimagined Classic Leather Bag in Walnut Brown

The TANTUM from Hyde is all of these things. It’s a reimagined leather bag that will give you a timeless style that fits with today’s fast-paced world. Imagine having a high-quality leather bag that looks as good in a business meeting as it does when you travel with it. A bag that you can convert into a backpack for a weekend away and change into a messenger for your morning commute on Monday. It’s possible with the TANTUM.

A versatile bag you can carry four ways

A leather bag is a gorgeous accessory. The only trouble with the typical leather bag, however, is that its straps and design can be rather limited. This stylish leather bag, however, avoids that issue with its four carry modes: sling bag, messenger, backpack, and briefcase. So the TANTUM is a convertible leather bag that you can use for more than just your office commutes. You can sling it over your shoulder for your school commute, change it to briefcase mode for when you nail your board meeting. On the weekend or for school, turn it into a backpack for a more rugged look. Use messenger mode if that’s more comfortable for you. Truly, the TANTUM is the classic bag, reimagined.

Genuine leather makes this carryall durable

Best of all, this reimagined leather bag will look great on you. It’s made with genuine first-grade leather that comes in two colors: Midnight Black for bad boys and special edition Walnut-Brown for adventurers.  The leather makes this bag durable and ensures that it will look better as it ages. It’s a bag that will last for years. How’s that for sustainable style? Finally, the leather coupled with beautiful accents like gold metal latches and zippers, this bag will radiate classic but edgy style.

Four built-in straps make the TANTUM expandable

Need more space? The TANTUM has four leather straps that let you expand or contract the bag depending on your needs. So whether you want to pack for a weekend away or a full day at work, the TANTUM can adapt to any situation you throw at it.

TANTUM from Hyde Reimagined Classic Leather Bag

TANTUM has four leather straps

Four quick-access pockets for essential items

We’ve all been in that situation where we need to grab something—keys, ID, phone, you name it—from our bag quickly. But wait—you threw it in the main compartment which everyone knows is No Man’s Land. Unfortunately, most classic leather bags only have one large main compartment or just a small auxiliary pocket on the front. This modern carryall, on the other hand, boasts four quick-access pockets on the front. This way you can store those small but oh-so-essential items where you can reach them, fast.

A durable interior withstands everyday wear

Also, this reimagined leather bag is durable on the inside as well. Its interior features a nylon lining that can withstand accidental bumps and scratches from loose items like titanium pens or the sharp corners of a file. The lining will also help protect the leather shell from dust and everyday wear and tear.

The MULTI wallet is the perfect companion

The perfect companion to your TANTUM leather bag is the MULTI wallet. It’s a wallet with two modules that you can attach for maximum capacity or detach for slim flexibility. Like the TANTUM, the MULTI is also made from genuine leather and is a durable yet stylish way to carry your most essential items.

TANTUM from Hyde Reimagined Classic Leather Bag

TANTUM leather bag has the MULTI wallet

What we love about the TANTUM

We love that this reimagined classic leather bag brings cool to a timeless accessory. It’s a traditional leather bag with an edgy look and modern functionality. The TANTUM looks as good at a board meeting as it does at a coffee shop work session. It’s this adaptability that makes it the ultimate leather bag for today’s busy student or professional.

What we would love to see

To make this bag an even better fit for today’s lifestyle, perhaps future models could include a wallet that is a verticle style instead of horizontal. Many customers find this style of wallet easier to carry in a front pocket and to access cards.

Where can you buy the TANTUM from Hyde?

The TANTUM costs $166.60. You can pre-order it on

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