This smart desk has everything you need to stay healthy at work

Are you tired of working at a desk that’s too high or too low? Or are you sick of being chained to a chair for eight hours a day? If you’re uncomfortable while you’re at work, it’s time to upgrade your desk to one that finally suits your needs. This smart, adjustable desk will change the way you work.

This smart desk has everything you need to stay healthy at work
AiT Smart One Smart Desk with a Man and a Woman

If your work involves long hours sitting in front of a computer, it’s likely you don’t get up and move much during the day. But you’ve got deadlines, and sometimes taking a break to walk around the building or get a glass of water just isn’t possible. For those instances, a better desk would be helpful. One that you could adapt to your needs at the moment. The AiT Smart One App-Controlled Desk is a smart desk that can do that for you.

We’ve all seen the studies and read the articles. Sitting at the computer all day can do horrible things to your health. People who sit for extended periods are more likely to have a slower metabolism, reduced energy output, and an increased risk for diabetes and cancer. But there are steps you can take to make your work part of a healthy lifestyle. And this smart desk can help.

The AiT Smart One is height adjustable

The makers of this smart desk understand that, at some points throughout the day, you want to sit. And at other times, you’d rather stand. That’s why they made their desk height adjustable with three default settings: sitting, standing, and comfort mode. With just a push of a button, you can lower this desk so that you can sit when you need total concentration. Or you can raise it to stand when your tasks are a little more repetitive or when you’re making a call. So even if you’ve got a report due by 3:00 p.m., you can still take care of your body and work in a healthy way.

A smartphone app offers control

Since this is a smart desk, of course, it has its own app. Each AiT desk can monitor the time you spend sitting and notify you when you should switch to standing. This makes it more likely that you’ll follow through instead of waiting until the end of the day or the weekend to get a workout in. Also, the app combines office-friendly, personalized fitness and stress-relief exercises. This way, taking care of yourself can fit right into the workplace. You’ll feel healthier and more energetic, which can boost your productivity.

AiT Smart One Smart Desk

AiT Smart One Smart Desk with a Footrest

This adjustable workspace monitors air quality

Something else that plays a huge part of a healthy lifestyle is air quality. And indoor air pollution can affect your health. Offices and homes can have more volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than you’ll find outdoors. Again, the AiT smart desk is there for you. Its air-quality sensor will alert you when you need fresh air. And its CO sensor will let you know if it detects this harmful gas.

AiT Smart One Smart Desk

AiT Smart One Smart Desk with a Man and a Woman Standing

Get organized

Also, this app-controlled desk will organize everything you need to have a productive day at your fingertips. With its integrated wireless charger, you won’t have to leave your desk to search for your charger and plug. Simply juice up your wireless devices on this desk. Additionally, an under-desk PC holder keeps your laptop safe while you use your workspace for something else. The AiT is also monitor-arm compatible. So you can use it with any existing monitor or stand.

AiT Smart One Smart Desk

AiT Smart One Smart Desk with a Woman

Relax while you work

In addition to supporting your fitness goals, this smart desk also helps you stay relaxed and comfortable while you’re giving work your all. It’s aromatherapy capable, and the AiT Smart One has a wide range of essential oils that can fit your office ambiance. Also, an ergonomic footrest lets you relax and unwind. Finally, the custom-made Bluetooth sound system is an easy way to hear your favorite tunes all day. With a desk like this, work may become more comfortable than home.

AiT Smart One Smart Desk

AiT Smart One Smart Desk with Blackboard

Create your own desk

The level of customization these smart desks offer is incredible. There are nine colors to choose from, and even those you can mix-and-match. With a glass version, the tabletop even works as a blackboard. Just sketch your idea on the top of your desk and wipe it clean when you’re done. You’ll also be able to choose the style of your tabletop and desk frame. Finally, if a touchscreen control isn’t your thing, you can even opt for a physical button system. This is a workspace you’ll be proud to call yours since you’ll have chosen the design elements.

AiT Smart One Smart Desk

AiT Smart One Smart Desk with Wipe

What we love about the AiT Smart One App-Controlled Desk

We love that this desk helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle at work. Often the stress of presentations, meetings, and the day-to-day grind get the better of us, and we neglect our health while trying to be productive. The AiT Smart One helps us do both.

AiT Smart One Smart Desk

AiT Smart One Smart Desk with Pen

What we’d love to see

On the Indiegogo page, the makers mention that one of their stretch goals is to include a cup warmer and cooler. This way, you won’t have to worry about your coffee or tea getting cold on winter days. While these smart desks already have so many great add-on features, this would be another awesome way to increase people’s comfort and happiness at work.

AiT Smart One Smart Desk

AiT Smart One Smart Desk with Color Options

Where can you get the AiT Smart One App-Controlled desk?

You can preorder this smart workspace for $519 on Indiegogo. We think that’s a steal for all that it offers.

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