11 Smart kitchen gadgets that will help you cook faster

Home cooked food usually tastes better than any microwaved meal. Of course, cooking takes time. If you want to unlock that delicious flavor faster, consider adding these smart kitchen gadgets to your home.

11 Smart kitchen gadgets that will help you cook faster
ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide Tool on Display
  • Is homemade food better for you? Usually it is. Most ready meals are packed with sugar and salt, not to mention any fat.
  • What are the fastest meals to cook from scratch? Chilli, soup, pasta, and homemade burgers can all be cooked in under 20 minutes.
  • Can technology make cooking easier? Absolutely. Smart kitchen gadgets can handle the cooking process for you and make prep much faster.

Whether you value flavor or want to look after your body, cooking at home is a wise move. Of course, not everyone has loads of time to cook. But with these smart kitchen gadgets, you should be able to cook faster and still enjoy incredible meals.

KitchenAid Smart Oven+ Connected Wall Oven

This powerful home oven provides step-by-step recipes and several attachments for different styles of cooking. You can even monitor your oven via the companion app and use your voice with Google or Alexa.

Price: $2,879 USD

Tenergy Redigrill Smokeless Infrared Grill

Thanks to a powerful 1660W heating element, the Redigrill should cook your meat to perfection in no time. It reaches optimal temperature in just six minutes.

Price: $179.99 USD

Dreamfarm Holey Spadle Dual Spoon Ladle

This innovative ladle replaces multiple utensils, meaning you can serve food faster. It has slotted sides, so you can easily grab and strain noodles, pasta and vegetables.

Price: $15.29 USD

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Uutensil Stirr Automatic Pan Stirrer

With Stirr, you don’t need to waste time hovering over your pans. This automatic stirring stops food burning on the bottom and keeps sauces moving.

Price: $23.12 USD

Rotimatic Smart Roti Maker

This smart robot turns out fresh roti flatbreads on demand. Rotimatic handles the measuring, mixing, kneading, flattening, cooking, and puffing — you just have to add the basic ingredients.

Price: $999 USD

Mitsubishi TO-ST1-T Electric Bread Toaster Oven

No matter whether you like your toast golden and fluffy or covered in melted cheese, this Mitsubishi toaster oven has you covered. The device offers five baking settings and four menu options.

Price: $457.17 USD

Thermomix TM6 Smart Food Processor Oven

The TM6 might be the ultimate kitchen helper. This device can chop, slice, tenderize, fry, steam, slow cook, caramelize, and knead your food all by itself.

Price: $1,499 USD

GEFU Speedwing Cable Pull Salad Spinner

Preparing salad should be quick, but waiting for the leaves to dry can lengthen the process. The GEFU Speedwing spins to remove the moisture faster, without damaging your greens.

Price: $55.02 USD

Dash Rapid Electric Egg Cooker

If you have a whole family to cook for at breakfast time, you need the Dash Rapid. This thing can boil, scramble and poach six eggs at one time, and even make omelettes.

Price: $18.56 USD

Peter’s Pantry Smart Measuring Cup

This smart measuring cup gives you an accurate readout in ounces, grams, or millimeters for both solid and liquid ingredients. It can even convert between imperial and metric.

Price: $49 USD

GE Kitchen Hub 27-inch Smart Display

Powered by Android, this huge touchscreen display from GE lets you look up recipes and control your smart devices. You can also check your calendar and watch TV while your food is cooking.

Price: $999.99 USD

Cook faster with smart kitchen gadgets

What is your favorite gadget in the kitchen? Tell us in the comments!

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