Tech Roundup: 14 Outstanding Gadgets For Your 21st Century Kitchen

Tech Roundup: 14 Outstanding Gadgets For Your 21st Century Kitchen

Old statistics say that an average mother spends 18 whole days of the year in the kitchen. That might sound shocking to those who don’t consider cooking as a passion and would want to get their job done at that place of the house as quickly as possible. Thanks to technology, kitchen gadget manufacturers have finally come up with pretty interesting ways using which you can reduce your hours in the kitchen. Those stats are now up for some change!

mIf you have already read my early roundups on the CES 2015 this year, you must have come across the Whirlpool Connected Kitchen concept. Sounds like a piece of cake, isn’t it? But before we get to be a part of that promising future, let’s have a look at what the smart kitchen world already has in store. Introducing 15 extremely versatile smart kitchen gadgets you’ve got to have in your kitchen today.

Nomiku 2.0

Sous-vide has become one of the most perfect ways to cook food. This is because temperature control is precisely one of the keys to achieve perfection in the world of cooking. With the Nomiku immersion circulator device, you can take your home cooking experience to a whole new level using “sous-vide” at its best.


To be a master in baking is every home cook’s dream and that’s where Drop comes as a savior. It’s not just another ordinary device in your list of kitchen gadgets, it’s probably the only digital assistant that can take your baking adventures to a level of distinctive quality every time you set forth in preparing something awesome out of the oven. Clear up the mess everyone – the smart baking scale is here!


Mellow has rethought sous-vide cooking in a way which fits beautifully in our smartphone encircled lives. The process of cooking using Mellow is super easy. If you’re cooking teriyaki chicken for dinner today, you need only leave the task for Mellow to complete while you enjoy your day at work stress free like never before.


Miito is an electric liquid heater which uses an electromagnetic field to heat water (or any liquid) in your desired vessel. So it could come handy during your tea times or even when you want to boil some water for your pasta. This is the new world of electric kettle!


Foodini is a beautiful amalgamation of food art and technology in a 3D printer that fosters the usage of healthy ingredients in your cooking ventures everyday. The time consuming part of food preparation is often the most discouraging aspect which is what Foodini solves on the first place.

Smart Herb Garden

Coming with a smart nanotech material as a supplement for ordinary soil, the Smart Herb Garden enables you to grow your favorite herbs and spices at home itself. These include herbs like basil, thyme, lemon balm, chilli pepper etc. which comes in the form of cartridges you need to place inside the three sockets each Smart Herb Garden kit has.

Prep Pad

Stay fit and healthy with a truly balanced meal using the Prep Pad that brings the benefits of digital connection between you and your food. It’s a smart food scale which once paired with the corresponding CounterTop App, can give you beautiful visualizations of Protein, Carbs, Fats, and more present in your daily diet.

Cinder Sensing Cooker

The Cinder Sensing Cooker makes it easy to achieve exceptional results every time, so you can focus on the creative parts of cooking. Using precise temperature, Cinder makes it virtually impossible to over or under cook meats, vegetables and other foods. Cook your food exactly to the right temperature (for example, 130°F is ideal for a medium rare steak) and then hold it there—for five minutes, for an hour, for whenever you’re good and ready.

iGrill2 Wireless Thermometer

Grill with precision. A Bluetooth Smart connected grilling thermometer that allows you to monitor up to four temperatures right from the free iDevices. This is for the serious griller or smoker with four probe ports, two high temp probes, an illuminated display, magnetic mounting and up to 200 hours of battery life.

Egg Minder Smart Egg Tray

The Egg Minder from Quirky is a smart egg tray and one of the line of Quirky-GE products. If you plan to put all your eggs into one basket, then the Egg Minder is where you want them to be. You can use the Wink app on your smartphone to find out remotely how many eggs there are in the tray and when the oldest one was put in.

Soma Water Filter

What makes the Soma water filters unique is the way it has made the entire filtration system biodegradable with a design that’s elegant and blends beautifully with your standard home interiors. It’s a filter you’ll love to have on the table and not hide in some corner, away from being noticed by others. The makers have made sure to construct the entire filtration system as a sustainable device.

Arist Coffee Maker

The Arist coffee machine brews coffees from the world’s top baristas with the click of a button. It can adjust each step in the brewing process to brew coffee based on your preferences and bring out the best taste in each bean.

The Kitchen Safe

Finally there arrives a smart solution in the form of this Kitchen Safe which can help in controlling your extra calorie consumption by including a timer. A perfect storing kit for your cupcakes and cookies that can be locked with the timer specifying when your food safe will be at your service once again.


The PancakeBot allows you to “print” out pancakes into just about any design you can imagine. It’s easy, REALLY fun, and you don’t need an art degree (or a culinary one) to do it! 

Designed to inspire, entertain, and bring out the creativity in both young and old at home, the PancakeBot is also a product with commercial durability to help your brand make a lasting impression and draw in more customers.

I admire each and every single item from this roundup and can’t wait to have them all in my kitchen. What did you like from the list and why? Share with us in the comments below. Happy Gadgeting!

Madhurima Nag is the Head of Content at Gadget Flow. She side-hustles as a parenting and STEM influencer and loves to voice her opinion on product marketing, innovation and gadgets (of course!) in general.
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