This innovative network protection technology is growing and looking for investors

Whether you work from home or your child participates in online learning, you know that network security, parental controls, and reliability are more important than ever. And that’s where Gryphon comes in. This cloud-managed network-based protection service platform combines high-performance routers, machine learning, and an intuitive app.

This innovative network protection technology is growing and looking for investors
Gryphon AX on a shelf

Take part in a new venture by investing in Gryphon’s network protection technology. It’s a cloud-managed, network-based internet protection platform that’s simple to use but incredibly effective. With its stylish Wi-Fi router system, easy-to-use app, and machine learning that improves over time, it’s a smart way to protect your kids and personal data online.

The online world can be a dangerous place. From hackers attempting to steal your bank information to YouTubers posting content you’d rather your kids not see, it might seem like you’re up against a goliath. But a network protection technology like Gryphon’s put the control back in your hands. And, the exciting thing is, this company is looking for investors. Let’s check out this new opportunity.

The internet isn’t safe

The internet brings us lightning-fast information and communication, but it lacks parental controls and basic security. Gryphon notes that kids as young as 5 years old have happened upon inappropriate material online and that 88% of parents are concerned about what their children see and do on the internet.

Heavy internet use by children is also a risk. It has been shown to increase hostility and social anxiety. Too much screen time can also affect children’s cognitive abilities. According to a 2018 study by the National Institutes of Health, children who spent over 2 hours a day engaged in screen-based activities achieved lower results on language and thinking tests.

Meanwhile, identity theft and malware are constant threats for individuals and businesses. So the dangers out there are real. Sadly, there aren’t many easy-to-use solutions that can help families and small businesses.

The cyber security market is growing

For these reasons, it’s no surprise that the market for network security technology is growing by leaps and bounds. In fact, the cyber security market is expected to reach $297 billion by 2027, increasing at a CAGR of 8.9% over the 2020–2027 analysis period.

Meanwhile, Gryphon writes that its own market is worth $29 billion and sees a 15% CAGR. These are impressive statistics. Everyone, it seems, wants more protection online, so the outlook for internet security solutions, Gryphon’s in particular, is promising.

In fact, according to Business Wire, Cloud Security in Canada, the USA, Japan, Europe, and China should create an estimated 7.7% CAGR. What’s more, these markets account for a combined market share of $24.3 billion in 2020 and could reach $40.9 billion at the end of 2027.

Gryphon AX in a video

Gryphon offers incredible security features

Gryphon’s network protection technology offers protection in the form of a secure mesh Wi-Fi network. As we mentioned earlier, the system includes a high-performance router, an easy-to-use app, and machine learning that just gets better with time and use.

What’s more, the network is easy to set up, and the system is scalable thanks to the network-level protection that blocks malware, inappropriate content, and security breaches for any device connected to the network. That’s right; from your smartphone to your child’s tablet, this Wi-Fi 6 router ensures your devices are safe.

Even better, the router is ideal for small businesses and schools since the network is easy to install. Customers don’t need to call an IT manager or buy expensive hardware to set it up. In this way, Gryphon gives everyone access to business-level network protection. And that’s a sigh of relief.

Where Gryphon is today

To date, Gryphon has sold over 25,000 devices and spends an average of $40K per month on ads. Also, its monthly revenue averaged around $235k in the first half of 2020. In fact, the company saw over 160% YoY 2019 revenue growth and 480% YoY revenue growth on subscriptions from FY2018 to FY2019. So far, it’s totaled over $5 million in sales.

What’s more, Gryphon’s intellectual property is protected by 5 patents and other pending patents. They cover AI-based parental controls and network protection. It’s also interesting to note that Gryphon’s CEO and co-founder was a key inventor of the MiFi mobile hotspot.

Currently, the company has raised over $5.8 million from angel groups like Frontier, ATI, and Hyderabad Angels, in addition to an oversubscribed SeedInvest campaign. That, along with the promising outlook for the market, makes Gryphon’s network protection technology a worthwhile investment.

This secure Wi-Fi network has great reviews

Plus, you don’t have to guess about Gryphon’s capabilities. It boasts over 2,000 customer reviews and was awarded Best of CES 2019 by Tech Aeris. Moreover, it’s been named by Fatherly as the best parental control solution for 2 years in a row. These are significant accolades, and they prove that Gryphon’s secure Wi-Fi network has what it takes to be a major player in the cyber security market.

Network security needs AI

One of the features that makes Gryphon’s network security so unique is its patent-pending AI-based intrusion detection. It’s an improvement over typical methods since it accounts for the rising number of IoT devices. The AI works by learning your devices’ behaviors and can then recognize unusual activities.

Machine learning is also being integrated with the content filtering features. In this case, crowd-sourcing from parents determines the approvals. This information helps to construct a stronger content filtering database. So, as more people use Gryphon, the platform improves.

Cloud management keeps this network up to date

This network protection technology is managed in the cloud which helps the network stay updated with the newest security software, malware database, and content filters. That way, you don’t have to worry about missing an update; it’s already done for you.

The HomeBound App routes all traffic through your router

Also, you can access Gryphon securely from anywhere with the smartphone app, HomeBound. What it does is pretty impressive. First of all, it automatically reroutes the traffic from your mobile device through your Gryphon router before it reaches the internet. So you get the same protection on the go as you would at home. And that holds even when you use public Wi-Fi or cellular connections.

The HomeBound app also offers advanced network protection. You get privacy, data encryption, and malware filtering when you use the app on your smartphone. Furthermore, when you install HomeBound on your child’s smartphone, you can manage it from afar.

The final verdict: Gryphon’s technology keeps you safe online

All in all, Gryphon’s network protection technology is a good investment opportunity. The technology itself has already been proven, and the product has won prestigious awards. Even better, the solution is scalable, so it can meet the demands of a market that, frankly, is hungry for internet security solutions.

Are you interested in supporting this internet security platform? Sign up to invest on SeedInvest for a minimum of $1,000. For an in-depth look at the Wi-Fi router, check out our review below of the Gryphon AX mesh Wi-Fi router.

Our review of the Gryphon AX mesh Wi-Fi 6 router

The Gryphon AX mesh Wi-Fi 6 router is an integral part of the Gryphon network security technology. And that’s exactly why it deserves its own review. We’ve conducted an in-depth review of this unique router and its protective features. Keep reading to learn how this router keeps people safe online.

Develop your parenting skills for the digital age

From social media addiction to inappropriate content, the whole world is at your child’s disposal when they’re online. Luckily, the Gryphon AX is equipped with impressive safety controls that let you put the breaks on what your kid sees online. Here are its parental control features:

Content filters with rankings

That’s right; this mesh Wi-Fi 6 router filters your child’s content for you. In fact, the Gryphon AX features 1.2 million blocked sites that are stored right on the device. You also get aggregated website ratings from a variety of sources, including other parents. So you can be sure your kids only view child-friendly videos and sites.

Browsing history

The browsing history feature lets you see the sites your child has visited throughout the day—even if they delete it from their device.

Homework and bedtime shutoffs

Want to keep those grades up and ensure your child is getting a healthy amount of sleep? Tech won’t interfere when you have this mesh Wi-Fi 6 router. It lets you schedule your child’s screen time to automatically shut off the internet when it’s time to study or sleep.

Internet suspension

With Gryphon AX, all it takes is a touch on the app to turn off the internet on your child’s devices. That way, you can have instant family time while keeping your smart home appliances and your own devices connected.

Safe Search/YouTube

What’s more, the Safe Search/YouTube feature automatically blocks unsuitable content from your child’s search results. It’s an easy way to ensure your kids only get the age-appropriate side of the internet.

Check out the Wi-Fi security features

Hackers and malware are true threats to your devices and information. But, with this mesh Wi-Fi 6 router, you get security that’s far-reaching. For starters, you can expect automatic security updates and updates of the ESET database.

Additionally, machine learning technology analyzes each device on your network to block hackers and other online threats. That way, your internet security is integrated into your network.

Wi-Fi and IoT device protection

Even better, each device on your Gryphon AX system gets 24/7 protection. And, the best part is, you don’t need to install any software on your devices. So it’s security that you really don’t have to think about.

Personal data safeguards

Also, this mesh Wi-Fi 6 router encrypts your smartphone data and reroutes it to your home router. This gives you internet safety everywhere, and you won’t have to stress about anyone hacking into, say, your conversations or even your smart door lock.

Malware filters

Frustrated with ads popping up on your smartphone? This mesh Wi-Fi router includes malware filtering and intrusion detection technology. In fact, the machine learning technology sees each of your devices as unique fingerprints and informs you if the fingerprint changes.

Enjoy impressive internet speed

Tired of your network slowing down during your child’s gaming sessions or when you have a house guest? With Gryphon AX, your connections won’t slow down no matter how many devices you connect thanks to the 4.3 Gbps of data throughput.

Cover your whole house with Wi-Fi 6

With its powerful mesh Wi-Fi technology, all Gryphon routers give you high-speed internet in every corner of your home—no exceptions. In fact, the company says you experience a 40% increase in Wi-Fi speed and coverage. And, when you combine two or more Gryphon AX routers, the coverage in larger homes is seamless.

The Gryphon AX is an incredible Wi-Fi router that parents will love. It puts you back in control of what your children see online and how much time they can spend there. It also provides fast, far-reaching internet coverage and protects your devices from hackers and malware. If you’re looking for a better way to connect to the internet, this is it.

The Gryphon AX parental control and security mesh Wi-Fi 6 router starts at $279 for a 1-pack router. What are your favorite products for parental control online? Tell us about them in the comments.

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