Vivint Sky Provides You With Unprecedented Smart Home Control Features And Makes You Treasure Every Moment Of Your Life

Vivint Sky Provides You With Unprecedented Smart Home Control Features And Makes You Treasure Every Moment Of Your Life

With the massive sphere of automation control engulfing our lives in every which way possible, smart gadgets have become like bread and butter for the modern generation. The expectations are high and so is the thirst for a better living. The fact that we prefer to make the most out of smartphones is evident from the abundance of smart controlled products we see around. Living your life with smartness around you is absolutely an experience everyone looks forward to. That’s possibly the reason why installed smart home devices have been predicted to reach a number of 17 million by 2017 in Europe alone. From monitoring your indoor heating system to sprinkling your lawn without wasting water, there’s a smart solution for every single operation you conduct at home.

But if you look closely, all these modes of operation are very much individualistic and requires separate attention everytime. What if there was a system which controlled your home holistically from one single device? What if with just one installation and an easy-to-use interface you could make your hours of living both indoors and outdoors a breeze! This is what one of the major home automation companies of North America which has over 800,000 customers have recently thought of through their next generation intelligent smart home control system. Renowned for their exquisite control systems that are both affordable and provide a seamless experience, Vivint has now taken a step forward into connecting your home diligently with the virtual world in a way which will never let you be away from the ones you care about. Introducing Vivint Sky – The only complete home automation system you might ever need.

A More Humanized Form Of Smart Home Control

Unlike the general home automation trends we see around, Vivint Sky enables a more humanized form of smart control using which customers will be able to control their everyday home gadgets such as the lights, thermostat and door locks, as well as monitor high-definition video feeds from their smartphone, laptop or tablet. It’s like this whole hub of automated control you’d get to build at home, thus making your life more connected than before. The catch, ofcourse, lies in the fact that you need to get Vivint branded lights and thermostats in order for this setup to work forever. The base is the wall-mounted, 7-inch capacitive touchscreen panel that utilizes the benefits of cloud technology and learns from the user’s behavior to offer better solutions pertaining to your choice in the future. On their introductory press release, Todd Pedersen, co-founder and CEO of Vivint had said, “While we have more than 800,000 consumers already using our home automation technology, this is just the beginning. Our next step is to boldly redefine the smart home with intelligence that eliminates the burden of monitoring the home from the homeowner. With Vivint Sky, we have created a truly human smart home system that learns from you.”

Vivint Sky Home Automation

Through Vivint Sky, the company has literally revolutionized the hardware as well as the software in the system which has made it more powerful and responsive for the user. The interface has been smartly designed so that you do not need to undergo much of a hard work in order to gain insights on your home devices. To ensure mobile connectivity, there’s also the Vivint Sky mobile app released both on iOS and Android. Coming to the features this brand new system of automation has to offer, it must be said that Vivint has indeed gone a step ahead in terms of enhancing your digital home experience. From guiding decisions on saving energy through the automatic HVAC control to streaming live HD videos from pre-installed cameras, this is one gorgeous sphere of automation you’d never wish to part with. Since the Vivint Sky panel works from its own private wi-fi network, you may not worry about having your information leaked anytime. The improved Z-wave performance enables the panel to communicate with every other device at home and learn from your choices at the same time. Incase you come across an emergency situation, Vivint professionals are always at reach from the press of a single button. Help is assured to be by your side!

Never Lets Your Lose Any Special Moment Of Your Life

The smart control and energy features not only lets you program lights and automate temperature control depending on your preference but also lets you lock and unlock doors directly from your smartphone or tablet. One swipe and you’ll get to allow your friend inside the house incase your trekking outdoors. This is ofcourse not the first automatic lock that gives you the power to choose who comes in and who will not, but to expect all these functionalities from one single panel is definitely a revolutionary idea. The fact that this whole system does not requires manual programming is also an important point worth considering. While talking about this perspective on Gizmag, Jeremy Warren, Vice President of Innovation at Vivint had said, “It is not that we expect manual control to disappear completely. There will be the odd situation where you break routine. But we need to make it more intuitive, enabling a better user experience on the manual part, then getting better and looking for opportunities to automate.”

Vivint Sky Smart Home Control

It’s not that we are seeing smart home control systems for the first time today. But what’s definitely new is the intelligence in operation which has transformed the way we perceive our living into something ecstatically magical. No matter where you live and how far from your family you be, enjoying those little moments of fun at home will never be that distant anymore. That’s what Vivint Sky is all about – not just connecting your home but also bringing your whole family together. As displayed on Mashable, there are currently four packages available starting from $53.99 to $69.99 each month, the activation fee for which is $99. Start increasing the connectivity and live your life to the fullest. Happy Gadgeting!

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