Rachio’s Smart Lawn Sprinkler Controller Iro Assures a Green Yard While Cutting Down on Unnecessary Water Usage

One of the major spheres of living which has had a tremendous demand in personalized devices or applications recently is our home. This isn’t quite surprising as it is the only place on earth where we prefer to live like the way we want to. Naturally when technology took its’ turn in wooing us with intelligent discoveries every other day, we craved to have something automated for our homes too. Be it a sensor that could automatically monitor your home air quality or smart locks that give you the power of controlling who can enter your abodes or not, there’s a lot of stuff happening in the smart living world that exists today. Smart Home Automation is indeed an area which has been providing quite a number of intuitive solutions that are so rich in their concepts, it becomes difficult to think of a life without automated gadgets anymore.

What we’ll be talking about henceforth is one such extraordinary concept that brings a great opportunity for mankind to leave a positive environmental impact on society by saving water – one of the most scarce natural resource we are bound to conserve now! What they are looking forward to solving with a better solution is the water sprinkler we use to keep our lawns green everyday. It’s a known fact that 50% of residential irrigation water is wasted but yet, there seems to be no proper solution in handling this kind of a mess. The typical household timers used to control your water sprinklers are insensitive to weather or climatic conditions and are often unable to use water efficiently. This eventually results in your yard being watered even on a rainy day which does no good other than wasting a lot of nature’s important resource. The sad news is these type of timers are in over 90% of US homes with sprinkler systems according to the EPA. It’s high time we had to have an acute technological solution to this problem which can save us from losing one of our most valued resource unnecessarily. That’s what Rachio, the winners of Startup Weekend Denver, Colorado Innovation Challenge and APEX Challenge aims to solve with their intelligent lawn sprinkler controller called Iro.

Residential Irrigation Goes Smart In Flying Colors

This smart sprinkler controller can not only maintain water schedules, but can also adjust to the changes in weather and climate ensuring using water to a level just enough to keep your lawns breathing greenery around the year. On their interview with GigaOM last year, cofounder of Rachio Christopher Klein had said, “There are times where we want to be a part of our yard and we want to control it, and there are months where we just don’t have time,” The Rachio system is meant to adapt to both. It is something which will make you enjoy your leisure times enjoying your landscape without having to bother about checking your sprinkler usage time and again. Your yard’s going to stay beautiful as ever but not at the cost of excessive water wastage. The best part is that while working efficiently in the background, it also gives you the opportunity to stay in touch with its operational features through a smartphone app, thus enabling the control of your sprinkler system from your phone itself.

Rachio Smart Sprinklers

On his interview, Klein had also said, “One of our guiding principles is smart devices should reduce waste and add to the sustainability of our future.” That’s the reason why Iro has been built with such exceptional features that makes it stand out in its field of operation. This controller is a learner by itself and can slowly get to know the unique characteristics of your yard for developing its irrigation skills depending on the lawn’s location and category. Installing this controller is also simple, all you need to do is replace your old controller with these. Once connected, you’ll be prompted to sync it with the Rachio smartphone app which eventually gets it connected to your home WiFi followed by downloading a schedule custom pertaining to your location.

Conserve Water and Also Save Money At The Same Time

Not only this, Rachio app offers some real cool features that can make your gardening experience all the more adventurous with intuitive information. While the Auto Schedule feature customizes the sprinkling schedule based on your location keeping into account the regional characteristics, Quick Conserve can help you save water and money on residential irrigation. Smart Cycle is another important feature which changes your watering schedule based on your soil conditions as different soils have a different kind of watering structure. You could also get personalized water-saving reports every month and keep checking on the amount of water you’ve saved by Iro’s smart watering techniques.

This is indeed an useful gadget way different from your typical sprinkler controllers. The first set of Iro Smart Sprinkler Controllers will be shipped this May 2014 pre-orders for which are available on the site starting from $249. Gardening can now go smart like everything else and make your relaxing days more fun and interesting. Just like Franz Garsombke, Rachio Co-founder had said in an article, even I agree that “Some experiences leave an indelible impression on your psyche”. Iro surely happens to be one such discovery! Happy Gadgeting!

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