6 Smart mini-ecosystems for your home

Lacking in the gardening skills department but still want to grow your own herbs? These smart mini ecosystems are here to automate the growing process to make your life a whole lot easier.

6 Smart mini-ecosystems for your home
  • How can you grow veggies inside in a smarter way? Thanks to technology, gardening is easier than ever. Getting a smart garden for your home helps you do the job without any hassle.
  • Can smart planters clean the air around you? According to statistics, the air inside our homes is more polluted than the air outside. To make sure you’re breathing the freshest air possible, we’ve created a list of innovative smart planters that also purify the air around you.
  • Can solar gadgets help you cut down your energy bills? At any given moment, the Earth receives 174,000,000,000,000,000 watts of energy from the Sun. These solar gadgets can help you capture your fair share.

Let’s face it, not everyone is born with a green thumb. For many, the sheer time it takes to tend to a garden can be a deterrent. But, nothing beats having fresh herbs right in your kitchen. If only there was a foolproof way to grow your greens.

You’re in luck. These six smart mini ecosystems are rife with automation – both naturally and technologically. With alerts and innovation, you’ll have your very own green thumb in no time.

EcoGarden Smart Interactive Ecosystem

This miniature greenhouse and aquarium actually uses a thousand-year-old growing method but with a touch of modern technology. Featuring a self-sustaining ecosystem, it can grow herbs and vegetables throughout the year.

OrchidBox Smart Mini Ecosystem

Using horticultural-grade components, OrchidBox produces ideal habitats that you can set up wherever you like. Requiring minimal effort, you only have to water it every two to four weeks. You can check the front LED indicator or opt into push notifications to find out if your plant needs watering.

Smart Mini Ecosystem

Smart Mini Ecosystem

Back to the Roots Water Garden and Fish Tank

This garden features a self-sustaining ecosystem as well as a garden on top of a spacious fish tank. Armed with thirsty plants on top and a silent submersible water pump, the tank remains clean automatically. In turn, the plants are automatically fed by the waste of the fish.

Bloomengine Smart Indoor Planter

Utilizing innovative technology, this device monitor, waters and cares for your plants in the comfort of your own home. Additionally, Bloomengine mimics a natural environment with air, soil, sunlight, minerals, and water.

Herbot – Artificial Intelligence Indoor Garden

This smart hydroponics social gardening robot allows you to grow plants in any climate, year-round, soil-free. It automatically feeds, waters and provides enough light for your plants using an app-controlled system.

Artificial Intelligence Indoor Garden

Artificial Intelligence Indoor Garden

Cube Green Farm Hydroponic Grow Box by U-ING

Have readymade fresh herbs and greenery at home by cultivating them on the Cube Hydroponic Grow Box by U-ING. The grow box comes with a timer which will help in controlling the LED lamp and gradually darken it to switch to the nightlight mode as and when necessary.

Do you use any smart gardening tech at home? Share with us in the comments below.

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