Aether Cone Wireless Speakers Work With a Twist

Listening to music is one of the few genres of living that has undergone a tremendous change with the evolution of technology over time. While online music streaming is now the best taste amongst masses with 7.4bn songs streamed in the U.K alone (in 2013), CDs and cassettes seem to be from some prehistoric era that’s only popular as a read on Wikipedia. Pandora, Spotify, Rdio, Soundcloud and thousands of other streaming services is all that we call for to access all our favorite tracks right from the cloud. But as always, the more life seems to take the road of abundance, there arises more complexity, which in this case, comes as this huge storehouse of music under various services that sometimes become just humanly impossible to handle. Imagine having to go through all your music services to search for that one indie track you’d wanted to stream on your kid’s birthday party just when the candle’s about to be blown and not being to able to find it, to not think of any other track that could be similar and applicable for such an occasion and to finally lose out on enjoying a musical journey on such a special day.

You had it all to create a magical moment for your child but there still seems to be a missing link somewhere in the way all that’s supposed to be managed. There are countless similar incidents which could turn your melodious lives unmanageable because of the profusion that lies in the way we have been storing music now – tuning to the right tracks at right moments is still a lot of work. That’s exactly the problem that this new device from a batch of former Nokia, Apple, and Google employees is trying to solve, to turn your ordinary speakers into an intuitive music player that can take all the headache of streaming the right tracks at the right place – just when you wanted to hear them. Here’s Aether Cone – a wi-fi speaker you’d fall in love with on the very first glance because of it’s ecstatic beauty and intelligent operative features.

Enriching Music Players With Machine Learning

It’s not that the world of speakers have not had any kind of innovative thinking before. We’ve seen vintage sound stream back with Gramovox and also have been introduced to synchronized audio through Beep, but what Aether Cone is claiming to do is a true milestone in the way we perceive the Internet of Things. Duncan Lamb, co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Aether said on Yahoo Finance, “At Aether, we decided to make products and experiences that work harder so you don’t have to. Our ultimate goal is simple — to make everyday life nicer through beautifully thought-out products.” An otherwise conical speaker, Cone is a perfect hardware for your streaming services. It can automatically connect with your home wi-fi or your streaming services (which are yet to be mentioned) and can simply start playing your favorite tracks when turned on.

Aether Cone Intelligent Music Players

The easy listening algorithm is what makes it all the more coveted. All that’s required for you to do is press the center button of the dial that turns the device on and just twist the dial for changing tracks or rather moods in order to come to one of your choice. The speaker is so intelligently crafted that it can sense your taste of music every time you twist the dial. This is where lies the “Eureka” moment because machine-learning in music speakers is something mankind was yet to experience until today. As Duncan had stated on the Verge, “That big twist, the one that jumps whatever is playing to something else entirely, adds a dash of chaos — and gives the Cone an air of mystery.” It does seem magical and unconventional as well, to think of a speaker to learn your music tastes just by analyzing the twists you make on the dial. So, by tracking your activities for a while, Cone can automatically build this internal profile of your favorite tracks as and where you prefer to listen to them. Thus, you would no longer have to endure your soothing bedroom numbers while you’re on the living room or vice-versa. It’s like having your own personal DJ within your otherwise ordinary speakers.That would be like the coolest gadget music lovers could ever dream of!

Cone is a Rare Combo of Beauty With Brains

Cone need not always be twisted to stream a different music category, you could also press the center button and shout out the specific number you’d like to hear and it gets streamed bang on. But the problem is we always don’t tend to know exactly what we would like to hear. When confronted on this, Lamb had said on Wired, “Today’s streaming services, are designed by people who love music for people who love music. It’s tempting to think that’s everyone, but in the real world, it’s evident that it’s not. Most of the time, what people are looking for isn’t the perfect song so much as a good one for the moment. From a certain perspective, you could even say that Cone’s out to redefine the experience of enjoying music altogether.” Placing aside the functionalities, Cone is also a stunning beauty you’d love to keep round the house. Coming in two gorgeous colors Copper and White, this set of elegance can hardly miss your eyes.

Aether Cone is Music Made Simple

Apart from being a “thinking music player”, Cone also assures on working with Airplay so that you can easily play music from your iPhone or Mac. The initial setup requires a device running iOS 7+ or Mac OSX 10.9+ “Mavericks” with Android support coming its way. The first set of Cones is scheduled to be available from early summer 2014 starting at $399. For a speaker that’s setting a benchmark on machine learning, it’s a price worth paying for – to welcome a new set of intelligence that’s on its way to make your lives more lyrical. Happy Gadgeting!

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