Bike essential accessories list: an ultimate guide

Some bike accessories are essential, while others are just nice to have. Are you wondering which ones are necessary? We've listed accessories that keep you warm, safe, and happy on two wheels. Read on for the must-have biking products.

Bike essential accessories list: an ultimate guide
Bike riding scene / Photo by Jonny Kennaugh on Unsplash

It’s not easy to choose the most important bike essential accessories to list down. Sometimes the most essential can be left out while a “good for nothin” could get included. It’s not a good idea for bikers to carry something useless as it adds in unnecessary weight which can make you feel uncomfortable.

Anyway, a new biker usually doesn’t have much idea about bike essential accessories list. Because our team is there to help you in making the best biking gear list.

Let’s jump right in!

Bike trips in winter

Bike trips in winter

Essential Bike Accessories

There are plenty of bike accessories available on the market. How to choose the essential ones amongst them all? Look at the list below…

Bike GPS Computer

A bike GPS computer tracks your location directly from satellites. It can measure your speed, distance and time. It helps you to improve your performance by recording the time and distance of your rides.

Bike GPS computer

Bike GPS computer

is one of the best bike GPS computers. It is designed with a waterproof touch screen so you can use it on rainy days too. It also comes with a preloaded map to make your rides easier. You can check more at to buy bike GPS.


A helmet is the most important accessory for any biker. This is a life savior for all the bikers. It protects our head from serious injuries when an accident occurs.

Most people in town don’t feel it necessary to put on a helmet as it’s very rare to get serious injury in bike accidents but again there’s no harm in reassuring. However, if you ride on mountains, rockies or paved paths then you must have to put on a helmet. Thousand helmet are made with environment friendly materials. Try out this helmet and you won’t ever go without it.

Bike helmets

Bike helmets


Suppose you are in a crowded place where you have to leave your bike alone to go inside any shop. Can you leave your beloved bike that way without any security ? Definitely, no.

A bike lock will prevent such situations. You can simply lock your bike wheels and this will keep your bike secured. A good bike lock can be very expensive but this is where you get what you are paying for. You can’t decide if it’s a good or a bad lock just by looking at it.

Bike locks

Bike locks

Water Bottle and Bottle Holder

A water bottle and bottle holder let you carry your drinking water and drinks very comfortably. Cycling always makes you go thirsty especially in hot and dry weather. This hydration pack helps you quench your thirst anytime and anywhere. So, this is a must have gear in your bike essential accessories list.

Cycling Gloves

A good pair of cycling gloves protect your hands in a serious crash. At the same time, gloves can make your hands feel comfortable throughout the ride. Make sure the pair of gloves you’re buying is breathable so this won’t make your hands feel too hot while cycling.

Bike Pump

Imagine yourself on a bike trip on a mountain and suddenly your bike tyre going flat. You need a bike pump to fix it, right? It makes your cycling experience more fun when you are perfectly geared up. This helps you enjoy your trips without worrying about flat tires event.

Chain Lubricants

Lubricating  your bike chain after a few rides increases your bike chain lifespan. Bike chains will perform better and smoother if lubricated properly. It will also save your bike chain from rusting. Make sure you are taking a chain lube with you while going on a long trip.


You can carry your essential accessories in a bag. Consider buying a pannier rack for your bicycle that would help you carry a big luggage easily when you need to carry a lot of gear.

A small rucksack or a shoulder bag should be enough when riding in town. You can look for cycling backpacks that are designed with additional features. Carrying bags on your body can make you feel hot and sweaty so you better not carry shoulder bags on long trips.

Bike Lights

Bike lights are very essential. Even if you don’t like cycling at night, you might get caught somewhere and it can get dark before you come back home. Apart from that, you might need some important stuff to buy and have to go to the shop after dark. There could be lights on the roads but your bike lights will help other drivers to see you. This doesn’t require very high powered lights.

Bike lights

Bike lights

For bikers outside of the city, they might need a bit more powerful unit. As there’s not enough lights available on the roads, bikers need brighter lights to see the road. On the other hand, if you are a mountain biker, you need bike lights with the highest power. Most bright LED lights would do the job.

Spares and Tools

It’s not a bad idea at all to stay prepared all the time. Make sure you’re taking a multi-tool with you. This is the thing that will help you in roadside repairs.

There’s plenty of options available for multi-tools. Some offer basic repairs like fixing saddle height or securing loose bolts. Other multi-tools offer more advanced repairing options.

Another thing to add to your bike essential accessories list is a spare inner tube. If you face any problem with your inner tube in the middle of a trip, you can easily use the spare inner tube.


A mudguard protects your bike wheels and the moving parts from mud and dirty water getting chucked up on rainy days. It increases your bike’s longevity. If you live in a place with a wet climate then a mudguard is one of the most essential accessories for your bike. Some bikes already come with mudguards while some don’t. You can buy mudguards if your bike doesn’t have any. Try out the Ass Savers Fendor Bendor Foldable Rear Mudguard to save your ass from dirty water and muds.

Leg Protection

Your legs are more likely to get injured in a crash event. A pair of riding shorts will provide you with protection and comfort at the same time. The padded shorts help to reduce compression of soft tissue on long rides. A padded cycling shorts is a must have gear on your essential bike accessories list.

Bike Accessories That Are Cool to Have

We made a list of bike essential accessories in the last section of this article. Now it’s time to list down a few gears that aren’t necessary to have but will make you and your bike look cool! Let’s make the list.

Waterproof Jacket

This is in between an essential and nice to have gear. It helps you to kick out the rain while keeping you dry and comfortable. Make sure you’re buying a jacket that is longer and bigger than your regular size. This will help you sit and ride the bike comfortably.

Look for both fully breathable and waterproof jackets so that you don’t feel sweaty in the jacket. Consider vibrate colors and materials that are reflective while buying biking jackets.

Cycling Shoes

Shoes that are manufactured for bikers are designed with stiff soles which helps your feet not to get sore and also saves your energy as it makes it easier to paddle. So buying a pair of cycling shoes can be a cool accessory.


Sunglasses are both an essential and ‘nice to have’ bike accessory. It’s an essential because it protects your eyes from the sun and also protects our eyes against dirt, worse still or grit. Choose glasses that provide the utmost coverage.

Handlebar Mittens

You can keep your hands snug even in the freezing cold months of the year with the help of handlebar mittens. Most of them are constructed with thermal and waterproof material to keep your hands dry and warm.

This mountain bar mitts are designed for mountain/commuting bikes to keep your hand warm in winter. You can also wear regular cycling gloves to hold the handlebar firmly.

Bike Cover

A waterproof bike cover protects your bike from dirt, rain and rusts. We keep our bike outside the house or in a garage. If it rains then your bike will get wet and rusted away. Bike covers have a wide range of sizes and you have to choose it as per your bike size.


This will make things easier for you to find your way along with a GPS tracker and a compass. Sometimes GPS tracker looks confusing and using a waterproof smart compass can make the rescue. You can attach the compass to your handlebars and you’re good to go!


There are a wide range of jerseys that are designed for bikers that will keep them cool, comfortable and dry. This will help bikers to go with any rides easily. You can choose the fabric according to your needs. If you live in a place with a hot climate then go for lightweight fabric.

There’s a wide range of bike accessories to get geared up. Some are essential while some are just fancy to have! You can choose all of them, listed above to make your cycling experience easier, safer and more fun. Make sure you’re buying these from trusted manufacturers. These can be expensive but remember, a good stuff costs an arm and a leg.

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