The smartest travel adapters for frequent travelers

Passport? Check. Toiletries? Check. Downloaded movies and TV shows to last a full international flight? Check and check. But what about a travel adapter? This should be one of the top items on your must-pack list for all your tips.

The smartest travel adapters for frequent travelers
The TwelveSouth PlugBug Duo MacBook Travel Adapter in Red and White

Are you about to take off to another part of the world? Whether for work or play, there are plenty of things you need to remember. Make sure you not only have your ticket, but the itinerary printed out. You obviously also need your passport (and make sure you keep it in a safe place!).

If you’re there to sight-see, you’ll want to pack plenty of comfortable clothes for walking around. Or, if you’re there for work, you’ll need to make sure you have access to an iron. Better yet, just get yourself an adequate garment bag to keep your clothes looking fresh.

No matter the reason for your travels, probably the most oft-forgotten thing to pack is an adapter. When you’re in a foreign country, it’s likely you can’t use the outlets provided in your hotel room or hostel. And, it’s certainly not something you want to buy at the airport. If nothing else, you’ll probably end up paying far more than you should for a device that doesn’t work that well. Even if you’re staying in your own country, the chances are you’ll have access to far fewer outlets than you need.

We’ve got you covered with the smartest travel adapters. Grab one now so you can be prepared for all your future travels.

Nimble 35W Universal Travel Adapter

Delivering 35W of power to your devices, Nimble features three USB ports along with two USB-C ports. Of course, there’s a multi-country outlet on the front. And by “multi” we mean over 150 different countries. Along with this, it offers Quick Charge and Power Delivery for the most efficient charging no matter your device. In fact, it can charge your iPhone XS to 50% in just 30 minutes.

TwelveSouth PlugBug Duo MacBook Travel Adapter

The bulkiest charger you probably own is the one for your MacBook. To simplify charging while you’re traveling, check out the PlugBug Duo from TwelveSouth. This neat little adapter replaces the interchangeable plug on your MacBook charger. Then, you have the option of swapping out the plug to work in whichever country you’re in. While the MacBook charger already does this, the PlugBug Duo does something more: it adds two USB power ports. Built right into the adapter, you can plug in your MacBook charger as well as charge two USB devices while only utilizing one outlet.

Zendure Passport GO GaN Travel Adapter

If you thought 150 countries were plenty, the Zendure Passport GO will blow your mind. It works in 200 different countries so you can truly travel the world with peace of mind. But it doesn’t stop there. It’s a GaN travel adapter, meaning it runs efficiently even with a higher output than other devices. This means it produces 30W of power for its four USB ports and one AC port.

EPICKA Universal Travel Adapter

It’s compact, it’s practical, and it’s affordable. At just over $20, the EPICKA Adapter features US, EU, AU, and UK plugs. It’s compatible in over 150 countries, making your globetrotting adventure as easy as can be. Along with dealing with international plugs, the EPICKA Adapter features four USB ports and a USB-C port. Incredibly, it can handle powering up to six devices at once. If that wasn’t convenient enough, it does it all at speed as it offers a total of 880W of power.

BESTEK 200W Power Inverter

If your next big adventure involves a lot of time in the car, you’re going to want the BESTEK 200W Power Inverter. Plugging directly into your vehicle, it features three different AC outlets. Along with that, it has four USB ports. Thanks to the 2.5-foot long cable, you can charge seven devices while offering access to every seat in the car. Beyond your smartphone or laptop, you can also plug in your GPS, action camera, or any other device you’ll need on your road trip.

OneAdaptr World Travel Adapters and Chargers

The Twist+ is a charging station designed for the entire world. It attaches to any Apple MacBook power adapter and transforms it into a power station. On this adapter are four USB ports. And, depending on the country, all you have to do is give it a twist to get the prongs you need. You can use all the ports at once, meaning you can power up five devices simultaneously.

BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter

Traveling across the globe for work? The BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter has you covered. It comes with plugs for the UK, US, EU, and Australia to work in 150 countries. And, there are three AC outlets on the top, making it perfect for powering all your larger devices. With four USB ports, you can also charge your small devices, too. This clever adapter isolated the USB ports from the AC power, meaning your devices won’t become overpowered.

AUKEY Quick Charge 4-Port 3.0 USB Wall Charger

It’s not just international travels that require plenty of outlets. Whether you’re in a hotel, staying at a hostel, or at a friend’s house across the country, ports become valuable real estate. This nifty wall charger has four USB ports in one. There’s a spot for charging your smartphone, tablet, earbuds, smartwatch, or anything else you may want to have charged up on your travels. The slim design occupies just one outlet so you can be sure you’re not hogging all the precious power.

There’s nothing worse than being away from home and not having the necessary access to outlets and ports for your devices. But, a simple adapter can be the difference. Do you have a travel adapter you love? Let us know in the comments!

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