Gramofon’s Elegant Social Streaming Device is as Good as It Gets

In a world where constant connectivity is the baseline, we’re becoming more and more social all the time–at least on the internet. Social media has experienced astronomic growth over the last 5 years, which means if that you aren’t sharing pieces of your life digitally, you’re probably missing out on something.

Even so, people are becoming more and more conscious of how much time they spend looking at a screen versus how much time they spend with family and friends, taking in the world outside of Facebook and Twitter. Missing out on life is a much bigger bummer than missing out on a few hundred tweets.


Social media will likely always have its place, but social sharing is evolving all the time, using digital technology and platforms to move into the space outside of the screen. One of the most notable examples? Sharing music.

Real-Time, Real-Space, Real-Life

We share all kinds of media digitally, but music is a unique form of shared media because it doesn’t require constant attention focused on a screen. Recorded music has been shared socially in real-time and in physical locations since the days of AM radio, then boomboxes, a walkman with a shared pair of headphones, and most recently, in shared playlists and ‘social listening’ on services like Spotify,, Rdio and Soundcloud.


The digital sharing/social listening aspect of these online services serves as proof of concept: people are interested in sharing and streaming music with friends. As evidenced by the fact that we all play music at parties and gatherings, we share music in physical space too. Both methods have their limits, though. The first by a lack of human connection in a physical space, the second by a lack of ability to collaborate without the constant jarring plugging and unplugging of phones from the AUX port in your stereo.


There’s an obvious missing link between sharing music digitally and sharing in a real-time/real-life way that hasn’t been yet been achieved with much ease, elegance or affordability. That changes now.



The Missing Link

Gramofon is a streaming device that bridges the gap between sharing online and offline using a Bluetooth solution to bring music to social groups in a physical space.


The Bluetooth + Wi-Fi technology ensures uninterrupted high-speed streaming without wires. With Gramofon, no one needs to go near your precious system with their food and/or drinks. For the worry-warts among us, this is a real plus. And, as an added bonus, say goodbye to DJ Dictator: the guy who camps out, plugged into the audio set-up you splurged on, playing all of his favorite 9 minute acid jazz tracks.


Even when you’re by yourself, though, Gramofon is a handy little gadget. Your phone acts as your remote for the device, letting you select and stream any song or playlist from compatible services (Spotify and Rhapsody for now, with more likely to come in the future) from any room in the house.


Though other streaming + speaker solutions exist, Gramofon trumps competitors like Beep with its functionality (Beep’s currently only integrated with Pandora) and price (Gramofon’s available now for $50, Beep comes in at $99 for the pre-order). Also, with the purchase of a Gramofon, you have access to thousands of Fon hotspots around the world free of charge. Nifty bonus, considering Fon has the largest wireless network on the planet.




Like many great pieces of technology before it, Gramofon’s real draw lies in its simplicity, its affordability (at only $50 for the early bird device in black or white on Kickstarter), and the relatively obvious nature of the solution. Gramofon makes our stereos and streaming services work the way we’ve always thought they should: seamlessly.

The best technologies are often those with the simplest solutions, the ones that get out of the way and let users interact directly with their content. That’s exactly what Gramofon does, and the execution is clean and elegant. It’s reasonably priced, set-up is a breeze, and best of all, it has the power and functionality to become a really popular bridge between our phones and our speakers. 

All told, Gramofon is one of the best streaming solutions (with an added social benefit) on the market. It’s more functional than any other, it costs less than its competitors, and it gives listeners the ability to share with friends in the room. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s really good looking.


Interested yet? Back it here.


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