The What? Quotes Watch Puts Inspiration on Your Wrist

It’s funny how a few well-chosen words can completely change your mindset. When you need a little inspiration, this watch could provide the perfect pep talk right on your wrist.

The What? Quotes Watch Puts Inspiration on Your Wrist

As often as not, great men and women of the past are remembered by their words. While Muhammad Ali achieved great things with his fists, his pearls of wisdom will live on longer than his boxing legacy. Relatively few people understand Einstein’s theories, yet we can all take heart from his modest declaration: “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” If you draw inspiration from such statements, you will probably appreciate the Quotes watch. This digital timepiece displays the time and your favorite quotes on your wrist.

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“What does this one say, Honey?”

Inspirational quotes

Many famous quotes are attributed to great thinkers of the past. Still more are derived from books and religious leaders.

But public figures do not have a monopoly on sage advice. Your grandma is just as likely to offer succinct lessons in life.

The Quotes watch lets you benefit from all of these sources. The device has a large database of famous quotes to call upon, but you can also program in your own words. You can even receive motivational messages from your friends and family. It’s like having a custom pep talk on your wrist.

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Need a lift?

Custom quotes

Compared with most smartwatches, the Quotes watch is very simplistic. You won’t find any games or sports scores on this device. The small touchscreen is a dot-matrix epaper display that shows only the time and your chosen quote.

[tweet_box]When you need a little inspiration, this watch could provide the perfect pep talk.[/tweet_box]

But that’s okay. Many of us would prefer to escape digital overload. In addition, it makes the Quotes watch really easy to use.

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Motivation when you need it most

You can select the quotes you want via the companion smartphone app. The library has loads of different categories, ranging from humorous asides to mini motivational speeches.

The epaper display shows one short quote at any one time, along with the time. You can set the watch to cycle through a list of quotes, or stay on your favorite. Furthermore, you can swipe up or down to cycle through your list.

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Easy to use

Inputting custom quotes is pretty straightforward using the app. The only downside is the limit on length. Anything over 140 characters and you’re struggling. But, in the age of Twitter, this might not be so challenging after all.

On a more positive note, Quotes watch wearers can send uplifting messages to each other. Your close friends and family could send their best wishes before you take a big test, for instance.

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Put a spring in your step!

Clever settings

Swiping left and right on the screen lets you change the display. If you’re not in the mood for inspirational quotes, you can simply look at the time instead.

The app also lets you select from numerous fonts and filters. The styles range from loose handwriting to funky disco letters.

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Handsome watch

Aside from digital aesthetics, the Quotes watch looks pretty good on a physical level. There are five colors to choose from, and the unique design delivers some sophisticated style.

“With its cutting edge dot-matrix epaper display, the Quotes Watch is able to display any kind of text according to your preferences.…As long as you stay under 140 characters anything is possible. Your favorite quote, a reminder or even a shopping list — it’s completely up to you.” — What? Watch on Kickstarter

Quote us happy

We have many bookworms here at Gadget Flow, so we love our quotes. This watch is definitely a nice way to keep those words of wisdom with you at all times.

Future upgrades

That 140-character limit does heavily restrict your choice of quotes. In version two, we would love to see that limit lifted.


– Kickstarter: Until April 26th

– Pledge: $93 USD

– Deal: Gadget Flow members get a free strap!

– Delivery: October 2018

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