iPhone 13 will come with satellite capabilities. What does it mean, and why should you care?

Another day, another rumor. Such is life for those anticipating the release of the iPhone 13. The latest news, however, is out of this world. Are satellite capabilities coming to the iPhone 13? Although we won't know until Apple's official announcements, read on as we dig into what it could mean for the iPhone.

iPhone 13 will come with satellite capabilities. What does it mean, and why should you care?
iPhone 13 rumors (Image Credit: BGR)

Rumors about potential features for inbound iPhone releases are nothing new. Every year they soar, and, while some can be quite outlandish, others are more plausible. As we anticipate the upcoming release of the iPhone 13, rumors include everything from faster screen refresh rates to touch ID. The latest, however, is quite interesting.

According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, there’s a possibility we could see satellite communication capabilities coming to iPhone. But what does that mean, and why should you care? Let’s discuss what this potential feature could do for iPhone users.

iPhone 13 will come with satellite capabilities. What does it mean, and why should you care?
A satellite orbiting Earth (Image Credit: NASA)

How will the iPhone connect to low-Earth orbiting satellites?

If there’s any validity to Ming-Chi Kuo’s claim, it would mean that Apple will include capable hardware in the iPhone 13. It’s currently thought that the iPhone 13 is already set to use a Qualcomm X60 baseband chip. Coincidentally (or perhaps not so coincidentally), the X60 chip supports the ability to communicate with low-Earth orbiting satellites.

With companies like SpaceX planning to bring nascent broadband via Starlink satellites, this could be particularly efficacious in the very near future.

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What can this potential new feature do for you?

So what does satellite connectivity mean for you as an iPhone user? Is it a fancy and frivolous feature or a handy and helpful one? Well, it just might be the latter. We all experience situations where we don’t have access to a wireless network and our 4G/5G coverage simply isn’t there. Satellite connectivity would provide an alternative method to gain service as a backup or primary option.

For example, say you’re traveling through a rural area with large dead zones. Now, as bad luck can strike in the worst of places, your vehicle breaks down. Without cellular service, you’d be stuck until someone comes along who can help you. However, with satellite connectivity, you have another chance to call for assistance. This is just one scenario in which the feature would be useful. Undoubtedly, there are others worth considering as well.

iPhone 13 will come with satellite capabilities. What does it mean, and why should you care?
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This is an additional feature well worth hoping for

While new features pop up all the time across the smartphone market, some are undeniably gimmicky. This one is undeniably beneficial if pulled off. Granted, the feature is only a rumor, and we probably shouldn’t get too excited. Regardless, it’s still worth hoping for.

Many have experienced situations that range from mere inconveniences to dire circumstances. Sometimes not being able to connect to emergency services can have terrible consequences. So a feature like this is something to celebrate, not overlook. After all, despite the other wonderful uses, a smartphone is still a phone at its core. If it doesn’t work when you need it, it kind of defeats the purpose.

What do you think about the possibility of iPhone 13 satellite capabilities? Let us know in the comments below!

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