KIMBLADE will keep your windshield clean and clear

Driving in the rain is never easy. But the task is only made more difficult by a windshield covered in water and grease. With a smart flexible design and water-repellent finish, KIMBLADE will give you a better view.

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  • How do you keep your windshield clean? Made from silicone, KIMBLADE wipers apply downward force to scrub away dirt and grease.

When you’re seated comfortably behind the wheel of your car, it’s easy to forget the maelstrom happening outside. As your vehicle punches through the air at 60 mph, rain droplets and unfortunate bugs strike your windshield at the same speed. Removing all that water and debris is no small task.

While regular wiper blades often struggle in wet weather, KIMBLADE relishes the damp conditions. This brilliant new auto accessory applies a water-repellent finish to your windshield every time it rains. In addition, KIMBLADE can actually scrub oil and grease off your windshield.

What is a silicone windshield wiper?

Pretty much since wipers were invented, they have always been fitted with rubber blades. Back in the early 1900s, this sounded like an awesome idea. Rubber does a decent job at scooping up water, after all.

silicone wiper blades 06

Upgrade from rubber to silicone

Unfortunately, rubber also has weaknesses. The material naturally disintegrates in extreme temperatures, and rubber blades have a nasty habit of smearing dirt across your windshield.

silicone wiper blades 03

Get a clearer view of the road ahead

KIMBLADE is the long-overdue upgrade. Made from silicone, these blades are durable enough to wipe your windshield in all conditions. Even sunlight cannot break down this material.

silicone wiper blades 05

Smart four-link design

A special four-link design allows the silicone to flex, meaning the blade exerts some downward pressure on your windshield. As a result, KIMBLADE is able to wipe away dirt, oil and grease. It’s like fitting your car with a squeegee.

Water-repellent finish

silicone wiper blades 02

Water-repellent coating

Just as importantly, KIMBLADE handles water well.

Each blade is coated with a water-repellent finish, helping to disperse the incoming flood. Better still, the blade disperses this coating across your windshield. Instead of hanging around on the surface, water droplets make a speedy exit.

silicone wiper blades 08

“Squeegee” blades that scrub away dirt

Of course, some cars come with this kind of coating as standard. However, KIMBLADE wipers offer a distinct advantage. Whereas your coating would normally fade away over time, these blades keep coating your windshield every time it rains.

silicone wiper blades 07

Easy to fit on any car

You can replace pretty much any standard-sized blade with KIMBLADE wipers. They are really easy to fit, and there are several colors to choose from.

“KIMBLADE’s key feature is the direct blade that contacts the windshield glass. KIMBLADE uses a 4-bar linkage blade, made with silicone, that exceeds the performance of existing rubber blades through its powerful structure and high-quality materials.” — KIMBLADE on Kickstarter

Wonderful wiping

silicone wiper blades 01

Upgrade to silicone wiper blades

These blades provide noticeably better performance than your standard wipers. In addition, they should last longer and take good care of your windshield.

Worthy upgrade?

You might say that $49 is a little pricey for a pair of wiper blades. But when you consider those blades are designed to last forever, it doesn’t seem so bad!


– Kickstarter: Until November 8th

– Pledge: $49 USD

– Delivery: January 2019

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