Love movies? You need to see the Nebula Capsule II

When you truly love movies, watching on a tablet is never very satisfying. But with the Nebula Capsule II portable projector, you have a powerful 100-inch HD cinema in your pocket.

Love movies? You need to see the Nebula Capsule II
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Over the past few years, projectors have started to shrink. Gone are the bulky bricks with raging fans and temperamental settings. Today’s projectors are easy to use and genuinely portable.

The trend is exemplified by the new Nebula Capsule II. This device is about the same size as a coke can, but it can beam a 100-inch picture onto any flat surface. It’s great for watching movies and giving presentations on the road, with a battery life of three hours. Powered by Android, the Capsule II can also handle games and apps.

Why do I need a portable projector?

Given the choice, no-one would choose to watch a movie on their phone. Even watching on a laptop can be pretty underwhelming.

When you’re away from home, the Nebula Capsule II provides a far more captivating viewing experience than any mobile device. All you need is some content and a flat surface — this portable projector does the rest.

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Love movies? You need to see the Nebula Capsule II

The Capsule II is portable yet powerful

Thanks to powerful LED lighting technology, the Capsule II delivers bold and bright pictures that measure up to 100 inches across. YouTube videos and movies look crisp at 720P resolution, and this projector has a powerful built-in speaker.

Love movies? You need to see the Nebula Capsule II

Enjoy crisp visuals with Capsule II

You can watch for three hours straight on a full charge. Alternatively, you can power the Capsule II from any USB-C power supply.

Smart projector

Love movies? You need to see the Nebula Capsule II

You can also play games with Capsule II

This is all very impressive from a device that weighs 1.5 pounds. However, the Capsule II separates itself from the competition with a few more smart features.

Firstly, this projector runs Android 9.0. Consequently, you can stream content from Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, and countless other platforms without picking up your phone. You can also play games and use many other apps from the Play Store. There are 3600 apps in total to choose from.

Love movies? You need to see the Nebula Capsule II

Capsule II supports 3600 apps

You control Capsule II with the supplied remote. This makes it simple to flick through your apps and pick out what you want to watch. In addition, you can cast content from other devices or attach any HDMI source.

Love movies? You need to see the Nebula Capsule II

Cast from your phone with Capsule II

The other great thing about Capsule II is the autofocusing lens. Traditional projectors were always a nightmare to calibrate, but this pocket powerhouse is ready to go in one second.

“Powered by OSRAM LEDs, Capsule II boasts twice the brightness of its predecessor. The brand-new hardware is enhanced by IntelliBright™ technology, smart software that adjusts localized brightness in real-time to deliver a vivid more radiant image, even in brighter environments.” — Nebula on Kickstarter

Love movies

Love movies? You need to see the Nebula Capsule II

Capsule II might be the ultimate portable projector

If you can’t bear to leave behind your Netflix queue, this portable projector is a must-have travel accessory. It’s also great for giving presentations on the go.

Still underpowered?

While LED lighting is improving, many portable projectors are underpowered. Only time will tell whether Capsule II will avoid this pitfall.


– Kickstarter: Until December 25th 🎅

– Pledge: $399 USD

– Delivery: May 2019

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