MaxStone Strikes a New Dawn in Photography With Its Remote iPhone Shutter

When Johann Zahn visualized the first small and portable camera way back in 1685, little did anyone know that this would be one of the most coveted device and profession a few centuries later. Be it the digital cameras with all its super efficient features or the distinctive art in time lapse photography, time and technology has traveled a long way in nurturing cameras as one of the classic yet digitized gadgets ever made. Now, its quite unimaginable to think of any moment or scenery that cannot be captured within this fascinating device. It’s that one click which claims to make your precious moments not only be a part of your memory but also make its way into becoming the “photograph” of your life.

Your fifth birthday celebration where you literally made your entire face enjoy the cake, your mom and dad’s 25th anniversary where you planned your first jazz performance, the first trekking adventure you were on, your first date on the beach together with all those numerous moments of joy that your precious eyes may or may not have witnessed stays behind the lens of this faithful friend you call your camera. But today there exists another device which has also made its way into becoming man’s best digital friend ever – the smartphones. You love the way it operates smoothly, has a solution for practically all your digital problems in the form of an app and most importantly, is or has become the most convenient source of operation for all. Now, the twist from MaxMax Inc. says that what if we could combine these two gadgets with a device that makes photography all the more astounding. And they did make that happen with their latest Kickstarter Project – MaxStone.


Seamless Photography Experience Right From Your iPhone

Together with their interesting catchline “Let’s iPhone your camera” and the exquisite design of the gadget itself, MaxStone is one tiny piece of brilliance you would love to possess yourself. A wireless remote programmed to control your DSLR camera right from your iPhone together with a Bluetooth 4.0 tracker, this is one must-have gadget for photographers who can now make their photographic expeditions a more enjoyable experience like Will and Lia, the couple behind MaxStone. It was while being on the summit of a mountain in Beijing trying to capture the first sunrise of the year that this exceptional duo thought of founding an equipment that would help them to remotely control their camera while they be seated inside the car, shielded from the terrible weather outside. And there rose the beginning of a device that promises to combine the camera’s high-precision photo quality and the intuitive interface of the smartphone into one superior photography experience we always wanted.

With a battery that can nearly last one year and a slick shape little bigger than a coin, all you need to do with MaxStone is tie it on the camera, turn the camera to IR remote mode, get the app on your iPhone and off you go with your remote camera control. If you are thinking whether MaxStone is limited to a single brand, then you must know that this is multi-brand camera supporter. Bingo! Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus, Samsung and Minolta – you’ll find all the various brands they support right on their website. This is not the end yet, MaxStone is also a bodyguard for your photographic equipments or any other stuff you attach it to by using a remote alarm system that warns you once your possession is away from the predestined location its supposed to be in. So, MaxStone can be warning you effectively as and when you leave your stuff behind or even in worse situations when you are close to becoming a victim of pickpockets. For the increasing selfie generation out there, MaxStone comes as a savior with its operability as a remote shutter for your iPhone camera as well. And if you’re concerned in remote video control through MaxStone, that’s checked on the list too. Wouldn’t you call this a true multi-tasker?


MaxStone Makes Professional Photography Shine

What makes MaxStone seem like a complete package full of innovation is its special operational features for professional photographers. For a smoother and convenient experience in time-lapse photography, MaxStone provides a powerful remote control feature which can cover nearly a year, even with your iPhone kept offline. Getting popular micro-video easily or B – door for long time exposure are some of the other magic touches provided by this enchanter. No doubt MaxStone is one of the most useful gadgets made for the emerging advanced photographers out there. Probably that’s why it’s close to reaching its funding goal on Kickstarter with 1,085 backers present already. As Techcrunch has rightly stated that MaxStone is a gadget “that’s unique and more versatile than most in the same category”, it’s now time to wait for this magic to unveil and spread its versatility around the world of photography, one click at a time. Happy Gadgeting!

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