Mojo Vision launches an AR contact lens at CES 2021

Introducing Mojo Vision's Lens—a smart contact lens that presents notes right before your eyes without having to look down at your phone. But its capabilities don't just stop there. Check out this blog to discover how this smart gadget could make your life easier.

Mojo Vision launches an AR contact lens at CES 2021
Mojo Vision AR contact lens

See the world around you in a whole new light with the Mojo Vision Lens. Unveiled and awarded the winner of Last Gadget Standing at CES 2021, this is a smart contact lens that you insert into your eye to fuse digital information onto the world around you.

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Created with microelectronics and a tiny display to obtain critical information, this smart contact lens lets you become your best self in all types of situations.

Unleash the impressive capabilities the Lens offers

The Mojo Vision Lens uses AR data to power its potential. This allows you to see turn-by-turn directions as you walk. And you can even see notes while you’re delivering a presentation without having to look down at your laptop or phone. Specifically, this smart lens projects text, videos, and images onto your field of vision. Using AR technology, the Lens can access all kinds of information, using the internet for its brain.

Impressively, it even understands you’re real-time activities to not disrupt or distract you at that moment. Overall, this wearable tech can provide a hands-free, heads-up solution to daily tasks where you’d ordinarily reach for your phone.

Although AR headsets offer similar capabilities, the Lens isn’t awkward to wear in social situations. In fact, other people won’t know you’re wearing it, unless you tell them. It’ll never get in the way while offering you all of the benefits above, so you can take it wherever to display only the information you need.

Provides a safe and customized fit

You may have some doubts about inserting wearable tech into your eye, which is why the Mojo Vision Lens rests on the white part of your eye and doesn’t touch your cornea. And it measures half a millimeter in diameter for maximum comfort. Furthermore, the Lens is also custom-fit to your eye to avoid any slips or rotations during wear.

And for additional safety, the company designed the Lens with patented technology that maximizes the amount of oxygen your eye receives—an important component for good eye health.

Mojo Vision Lens

Mojo Vision Lens on a person’s finger

Finally, the AR function goes away when you’re not using it. In fact, this gadget was created to elevate your vision with useful information, rather than bombarding you with data, according to Mojo Vision’s video at CES 2021. Get your hands on the Mojo Vision Lens, with a release date and confirmed price to follow.

Is this a gadget you could see yourself using every day? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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