Narrative Clip 2: A Tiny Wearable Camera For Your Life

Narrative Clip 2: A Tiny Wearable Camera For Your Life

Having a difficult time experiencing life and recording memories at the same time?

The Narrative Clip 2 can fix that.

Capture Special Moments Every 30 Seconds

The Narrative Clip 2 is a small wearable camera that takes a GPS-tagged photo every 30 seconds. An 8-megapixel camera with auto focus ensures the images come out clear and share-worthy. The square clip is about the size of a small smartwatch head (36 x 36 mm square).

Those who are fans of the first Narrative Clip may feel the need to purchase the new version due to several notable upgrades. The 2nd release of the wearable includes WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities. Low light performance was also addressed, as well as improved wide-angle optics for complete coverage of 86 degrees.

Narrative Clip 2 on shirt collar

Battery Life And Storage

With 8GB of internal storage, the Narrative Clip 2 lets users accumulate images seamlessly. On a full charge, the device runs for 30 hours. That’s just about the same time it would take to gather 8GB of photos in the camera.

The developers and engineering team did a great job boosting the gadget’s specs, considering the wearable takes over 2,880 images every 24 hours.

Narrative Clip 2 with official app

The Narrative App

In addition to hardware upgrades, the Narrative app also received a new set of powerful features. Users have the ability to control and sync their photos through various connections.

New social enhancements have been made too. Users can now post their creative images on a timeline for instant sharing. Through the Narrative social layer, individuals are also able to like and comment on uploaded photos.

Narrative Clip 2 on desk

Keep Everything That Is Real

For natural, free-flowing photos the Narrative Clip 2 is the way to go. After a couple of hours, you’ll forget the weightless camera is recording your life. As a result, the device captures real life experiences, reactions, and emotions.

What would you record with the Narrative Clip 2?

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