Powered by MovementOS, the Altis AI personal trainer customizes your workouts and monitors your form

Stop guessing about your workout form with the Altis AI personal trainer. This gadget uses AI intelligence to guide and customize your training.

Powered by MovementOS, the Altis AI personal trainer customizes your workouts and monitors your form
Alits helps users work out in proper form

Take your workouts to the digital age with the Altis AI personal trainer. This AI workout device looks like a sleek soundbar, blending into your decor. Place it beneath your TV where it sees and hears you, modifying your form just like a live personal trainer.

You like the privacy and flexibility of at-home workouts. The only trouble is that you’re never really sure you’re doing squats or other complex moves correctly. And that’s a problem because exercising with poor form targets the wrong muscles and risks injury.

Don’t let that happen to you. Instead, take steps to ensure you’re working out correctly with Altis, a new AI workout device designed to help you reach your goals and exercise safely. Let’s learn more about it.

Improve your form with AI technology

Tired of wondering if you’re doing those Romanian deadlifts correctly? Altis takes the guesswork out of home workouts thanks to its movement operating system. It creates a screen-based avatar of you, showing your precise body movements in real time.

So as you work out, your avatar will be on the screen performing the same moves. Altis will display visual pointers and give verbal explanations if your form needs to be corrected. That way, you can improve right away.

It’s fun and effective, turning your daily exercise into a game you’ll look forward to playing.

Get 100% custom workouts

The most effective workouts are personalized to your needs and goals. According to the creators, Altis’ powerful AI customizes and optimizes each set, rep, and instruction, helping you see results faster.

Whether your goal is weight loss or building muscle, this AI workout device creates a program just for you. It starts with an onboarding phase, during which you complete a physical assessment and write your goals.

From then on, Altis designs a custom workout for you every day. Impressively, the AI tech modifies it based on your performance. So, if an exercise is too strenuous, Altis suggests modification options, so you can keep progressing.

On the flip side, this AI personal trainer can also see when an exercise is too easy and encourages you to up the weight or reps. Meanwhile, the program also considers your time constraints and develops workouts that fit your schedule.

Altis also has an app that gives detailed feedback about your progress and performance. There, you can even update your planned workouts yourself.

Altis in a YouTube video

Work out with equipment or your body weight

If you like switching between weights and your body weight, no worries; Altis gives you that flexibility. According to the company’s Indiegogo page, this AI personal trainer works with the equipment you already have and can develop exercises that just use your body weight.

This way, you can concentrate on your training instead of worrying about what to do.

Check out Altis’ tech

So what’s under the hood of this AI workout device? Well, it’s powered by NVIDIA hardware optimized for AI applications. It also uses 3 patented proprietary technologies created by a team of engineers over 3 years of R&D.

The company says that Altis represents the first true convergence of the exercise and computer science fields in a way that brings professional-level training and customization to people working out at home. It’s a unique piece of technology that combines AI, computer vision, and user experience in one device.

Meanwhile, this smart workout gadget includes special cameras that use point cloud mapping in 3D space, which gives them superior ‘eyesight’ of your movements. Actually, the BodyGPS tech is a 4D model that maps your joint velocity, helping with performance and fatigue management.

Discover Altis’ deep learning AI

Named CEREBRUS, Altis’s artificial intelligence was trained on decisions (hundreds of millions of them) made by Olympic performance directors, physical therapy doctors, and strength/conditioning coaches.

It’s this training, the company writes, that enables Altis to create exercise programs and make educated decisions. So it’s a darn good substitute for a live trainer.

Moreover, Altis’ visual intelligence relies on 2 deep learning models: 1 for exercise programming and another for movement instruction. These, along with the mixed-reality user experience, give the device an advanced level of competence.

Exercise without any sensors, tools, or studs

Not crazy about wearing a bunch of sensors while you train or drilling holes in your walls? With this AI workout device, you won’t have to do either.

To use Altis, simply plug the device into an outlet and connect it to your TV via an HDMI cable. That’s it. Even better, it looks just like a soundbar, so it won’t change your decor.

Then, you won’t have to wear any sensors for the cameras to track your movement. Just exercise as you normally would and the device automatically monitors you.

Interact with Altis via gesture and voice control

And, just like a live trainer, you can communicate with Altis using your voice and gestures. You won’t need a remote or wearable to interact; just raise your hand to begin.

Altis then asks how you’re feeling and how much time you have for a workout. You immediately get a training session tailored to your goals and needs for the day.

As you train, Altis learns from you, changing your exercise in the moment and over time to help you reach your desired fitness level.

Read our final thoughts

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your home workouts and ensure you don’t work out improperly, the Altis AI personal trainer is a worthwhile investment.

Shaped like a soundbar, this discreet device boasts serious AI tech that tracks your movements and offers real-time workout modifications. It also creates workouts that are unique to your goals. Get it for an unbelievable workout experience.

Want to help bring this AI workout device to life? Preorder it for $999 on Indiegogo. Have you tried any cool AI gadgets recently? Tell us about them in the comment section below.

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