CES 2021 brings Samsung Bot Handy and Bot Care : Are robots here to stay?

Whether you like them or not, robotic devices aren't going anywhere soon. These Samsung Bot concepts may get you excited to cut down on household chores and have a personal assistant to remind you of tasks. Keep reading to explore more about Bot Care and Bot Handy.

CES 2021 brings Samsung Bot Handy and Bot Care : Are robots here to stay?
Samsung Bot Handy serving wine

At CES 2021, Samsung unveiled two new products: Bot Handy and Bot Care. These robotic gadgets can actually make your life easier.

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Bot Handy, a household robot, can help with chores around the house, such as emptying the dishwasher. And Bot Care is like having your own virtual assistant that can learn your schedule and reminders.

Samsung Bot Handy can pick up objects around your home

Most of us need some more help around the house. But to avoid hiring a professional to enter your property, Samsung Bot Handy uses AI technology to recognize and grip objects. This provides an extension to helping you with chores around the house. Bot Handy can even differentiate between different materials and objects. Therefore, it applies the perfect amount of grip to avoid breaking glass or items slipping out of its ‘hands’.

samsung concepts

Samsung Bot Handy emptying a dishwasher

This is one of our favorite Samsung Bot concepts, because it’ll genuinely make your life easier. Imagine never having to unload the washing machine or dishwasher again.

Overall, this Samsung gadget has a tall, thin white and black body with two digital eyes to portray emotion. It also has one arm with three joints that enable it to grab, lift, and move items.

Samsung Bot Care

Samsung Bot Care is the brand’s latest development that acts as a personal assistant to make your life a little less stressful. It uses AI technology to recognize and respond to your behavior. Bot Care is like that motivating friend who pushes you to go to the gym when you’re not in the mood; but we’re all grateful for friends like that. In fact, it’ll pester you to get up and move your legs if you’ve been sat for too long.

samsung concepts

Samsung Bot Care top view

Furthermore, it can also learn your schedule and habits, and it’ll even send you reminders throughout the day to keep you on track. It can even connect you to conference calls with its built-in display.

Overall, these Samsung Bot concepts can make your life a little easier, and who doesn’t want that? Sebastian Seung, president of Samsung Research, says that Handy Bot is designed to be “an extension of you in the kitchen, living room, and anywhere else you may need an extra hand in your home”. Meanwhile, Bot Care is designed to “take care of all the little details in your life”. 

Are robots here to stay? Share your thoughts on this, along with feedback about these products, in the comments.

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