Would you pay $16,000 for a robot to do your laundry?

Advances in technology are truly touching every corner of your life. The latest addition to your smart home is a highly expensive robot - it does all the folding for you.

Would you pay $16,000 for a robot to do your laundry?
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  • Be grateful you don’t have 63,000 lbs. of laundry on fire.
  • The Samsung QuickDrive washing machine works 35% faster than your machine at home (and it’s part of the SmartThings platform).
  • Quick PSA: don’t do the Tide Pod challenge no matter how much you hate doing laundry. Just stick to doughnuts.

Doing chores are never fun and laundry tops the list of things we all hate to do; it’s a never-ending cycle. Although you can go months without washing your jeans, everyone around you appreciates at least weekly laundry upkeep. Even when your clothes are nice and clean, you still have to sort and fold them. But, rest assured. With the advances in technology, you can now get a robot to finish the task for you.

Effortless Folding

Laundroid has a set-it-and-forget-it system. It’s perfect for anyone, even those who like to do laundry. All you do is load your clothes into the drawer. Then it takes just the touch of a button to get freshly primed and folded clothes. That said, there’s quite a bit of state-of-the-art technology inside:

    1. 3D Camera:

It works to help identify and map the clothes and their orientation. With this, the device knows exactly where to pick up each piece of clothing.

    1. AI Neural Networks:

The intelligent network and deep learning are able to recognize and precisely process each article of clothing for total efficiency.

    1. Robotic Arms:

They accurately handle all of your clothes with care and precision.

    1. Companion App:

The app uses the images you take at the start and catalogues all of your clothes.

With all of this technology, the Laundroid can actually sort through the clothing based on family member. When complete, your clothing comes out neatly folded into individual piles for each user.

Would you pay $16,000 for a robot to do your laundry?

Laundroid at CES 2018 / TechNews.tw

Practically Impractical

Laundroid does all this for less than you’d pay someone full-time at the national minimum wage. It seems like a no-brainer for those that have a chunk of change lying around. For those that don’t, well, you need Laundroid like you need a hole in the head. Plus, it doesn’t even fold your socks.

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And, it’s not foolproof. At CES earlier this month, The Verge attempted toss in one of their branded t-shirts. Laundroid was unable to identify the dark color and subsequently stopped working. However, the demo did work seamlessly when used with a pink shirt, supplied by the creators. Furthermore, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this type of device. Threadrobe debuted early last year and even comes with a stylish exterior.

Would you pay $16,000 for a robot to do your laundry?

Threadrobe Automated Clothes Manager

Of course, there are plenty other solutions to help you through the chore from hell that won’t cost you an arm and a leg:

    1. FoldiMate:

For 7% of the price, it seems like a happy medium. But, this one makes you clip the clothes in manually.

    1. effie:

If you also hate ironing, effie has you covered. Just hang your clothes and it gets all the wrinkles out.

    1. Drumi:

For an eco-friendly option, Drumi washes your clothes using your movement.

    1. Tersa Steam:

Using just 3 ounces of water for each cycle, this eco-friendly system smooths out wrinkles in your clothes in just ten minutes.

    1. Sonic Soak:

This is the one electronic you can put in water. It uses ultrasonic technology to clean everything from your clothes to your razor.

    1. Scrubba Stealth Pack:

For the adventurous, this backpack transforms into a clothes washing system when you need it.

Smarten Things Up

If you’re looking for a way to ease the heavy burden of laundry at home, there are other highly practical solutions that still offer that intelligent design:

– Electrolux’s EFLS627U is the first washing machine with a dispenser for liquid detergent pods.
– The GE Water Station has an integrated faucet so you can tackle stains head-on.
– Whirlpool is the third brand to design an all-in-one washer dryer combo to save space.

Would you pay $16,000 for a robot to do your laundry?

Laundroid at home

Final Thoughts

If you are willing to shell out thousands of dollars for Launrdoid, then, by all means, go for it. Just know that the rest of us are judging you.

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