5 Smart health gadgets that are reinventing healthcare

We want to see you fitter and healthier. These ungimmicky health wands and wearables are designed for people on the go and to add more convenience to your life. Check out our top product recommendations in today's blog.

5 Smart health gadgets that are reinventing healthcare
EyeQue VisionCheck 2 smartphone vision test device in use

Your health is a priority. But doctor’s appointments can be limited, and medicinal options aren’t always successful. To help rid pain and improve your wellbeing, we’ve scoped out the top five smart health gadgets you need to bag right now.

Breathings BULO Breathing Training Assistant

The Breathings BULO breathing training assistant tracks your lung health and provides personalized exercises to improve your lung capacity and health. It’s a diverse health gadget to help regulate your breathing if you suffer from anxiety. And it’s also useful for athletes, musicians, and those living in polluted environments. Weighing only 55 g, you can track it everywhere with you.

smart health gadgets

Breathings BULO breathing training assistant

EyeQue VisionCheck 2 Smartphone Vision Test

Another of the best smart health gadgets to invest in is the EyeQue VisionCheck 2 smartphone vision test. It’s a convenient way to test your eyesight, and you can even use the app for a try-on glasses experience or to make an order. This health device uses MIT-patented technology to measure your refractive error, lens power, and pupillary distance. Impressively, you can use it to track any changes in your vision.


Use ClearUP to target and erase allergy sinus pain. It’s a healthy and effective alternative to drugs that uses microcurrent waveforms to target the sinus nerves directly. Impressively, 74% of users experience pain-relief after first-time use. Simply run it across your cheek, nose, and brow bone. It’ll send a soothing vibration to these areas, and you’ll experience up to six hours of relief after a five-minute application.

Muse 2 Meditation Headband

Receive live feedback of your meditation sessions with the Muse 2 Meditation Headband. This wearable device tracks your breathing technique, body movements, heart rate, and even brain activity. Therefore, you can take the appropriate changes to feel calmer during your sessions. And it’ll even encourage you to feel less anxious. In fact, it can play weather sounds to reduce your heart rate. Alternatively, use the audio feature to heat sound representation of how you’re feeling, such as heavy rain sounds when your heart rate is high.

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Muse 2 Meditation Headband

Triple W DFree Bowel Sensor

Manage incontinence with the Triple W DFree bowel sensor. Place this health device onto your skin in the bladder area, and using ultrasound technology, it can measure your bladder levels. In fact, it can sense when your bladder is nearly full and lets you know that it’s time to go to the toilet. Simply connect it to an app to receive an alert that it’s time to go to the bathroom to avoid any embarrassment.

smart health gadgets

Triple W DFree bowel sensor

In summary, these smart health gadgets can reduce pain, avoid embarrassment, relieve anxiety, and more. Which of these caught your eye? Share your favorites, along with any recommended health gadgets, in the comments.

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