The most amazing and unique crowdfunding tech available to preorder right now

If you love cool concepts and unique gadgets that can transform your daily life, you're probably clued into crowdfunding projects. But what's the best crowdfunding tech available in summer 2021? You're in luck because we've done the research for you and provided a diverse range of up-and-coming tech suited for all uses. Continue reading to discover our list.

The most amazing and unique crowdfunding tech available to preorder right now
Most unique crowdfunding tech of June 2021

Platforms such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter are bursting with amazing and unique crowdfunding tech and gadgets. In today’s Daily Digest, we showcase truly innovative designs to use in summer 2021 that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without. All the while, you’ll support someone’s hopes and dreams by preordering their personal creations.

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We’ll present a host of gadgets that you can integrate into your daily life. This includes a gentle pet training device that provides non-punitive reminders to improve their behavior on a leash. We also discovered a gadget that transforms a car seat into a bouncer. Whether you’re a busy professional, a pet owner, a parent, or someone simply looking to streamline their life, we have something for everyone on our list of the top 10 crowdfunding gadgets available to preorder right now.

1. Adapt your vision as and when you need to with a smooth turn using the VOY Glasses Cadore 2nd-gen tunable eyewear.

Caring for your eyes is essential but can be expensive when you constantly have to upgrade your glasses. Fortunately, the VOY Glasses Cadore 2nd-gen tunable eyewear features adjustable lenses that adapt to your vision. Therefore, you can easily transition from working at your computer to taking a stroll.

Preorder your glasses from Indiegogo for $99.

2. Accessorize your wrist with the YOCTO Firenze Swiss-made luxury automatic watches. The collection includes 3 timepieces.

Available in 3 models—Lamboo, Squared 01, and Diamond 12—the YOCTO Firenze Swiss-made luxury automatic watches are great for everyday wear or special occasions. Each watch uses fine materials with exceptional detailing to stand out from the crowd.

Preorder these luxury watches from Indiegogo from €728.

3. Enjoy walks with your pup using the Pooch Pacer gentle dog training device. It helps your pet develop healthy habits.

If your pet pulls on their leash, then you need the Pooch Pacer gentle dog training device. This pet accessory provides non-punitive reminders for you and your furry friend. So, instead of having to yank your dog on the leash, this gadget trains them to behave when walking. In particular, it provides a friendly beep to remind your dog to get back to your side with no shouting or pulling involved.

Preorder this pet accessory from Kickstarter for $39.

4. Fully dry your hair in only 3 minutes with the CIVISOLO Unidryer hair & hand dryer. It’s a crowdfunding gadget you’ll use all the time.

The CIVISOLO Unidryer hair & hand dryer is a hair accessory you need for summer 2021. Featuring a small air duct and an infrared sensor, it dries your hands as well as your hair, making it a great bathroom accessory. Plus, it won’t harm your hair while drying it, helping reduce frizzy strands. In fact, the 3 million negative ions protect your hand and hair health.

Preorder this hair accessory from Indiegogo for $99.

5. Keep your money and important items secure with The Space Safe 2 smart safe. This crowdfunding tech features interior and exterior cameras to spot intruders in action.

Get peace of mind when you use The Space Safe 2 smart safe. It’ll send you Wi-Fi notifications if someone attempts to force open the lock, so you can then use the app to see a real-time recording of the action. Furthermore, The Space Safe 2 is great for commercial use because you can provide temporary access for guests.

Preorder this smart safe from Kickstarter for $429.

6. The Francis Pike unbreakable magnetic sunglasses come with magnetic hinges for durability and a lifetime guarantee.

Step on the Francis Pike unbreakable magnetic sunglasses, and they’ll connect back together like nothing happened. Moreover, the lenses are scratch resistant and provide 400 UV protection. Plus, with a hydrophobic coating, these sunglasses allow water, sweat, dust, and dirt to slide off, improving your overall vision.

Preorder them from Kickstarter for €89.

7. Lightweight, compact, and powerful, the Intelli ScoutPro tiny power bank offers up to 200 W of power delivery to charge numerous devices—even laptops—anywhere, anytime.

Charge laptops, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and more with the Intelli ScoutPro tiny power bank. This crowdfunding gadget has a 24,000 mAh battery that provides enough juice to your essential devices throughout the day. Additionally, this crowdfunding tech includes 3 built-in power ports, so you can charge up to 5 devices at the same time.

Preorder this power bank from Indiegogo for $139.

8. Grow more than 50 types of plants indoors with the Nano Garden tiny smart planter. Its app-enabled design lets you receive smart and guided plant growth, making it great for beginners.

Grow plants the easy way with the Nano Garden tiny smart planter. This station boasts a unique design that means you have to water your plants only every 2 weeks. Furthermore, it’s packed with technology to make your plants healthier and the growing process easier for you. In fact, you’ll receive a full-spectrum grow light with an integrated timer that tailors to what you grow.

Preorder this smart planter from Indiegogo for €65.

9. Make your home smarter and safer the easy way with the All-In-Sensor complete smart home gadget. It’s incredibly useful.

The All-In-Sensor complete smart home gadget features 18 sensors and functions. These include a separate temperature and humidity sensor, timer, smart home control, fire sensor, motion detector, and more. With the combination of these functions, you’ll feel safer indoors as well as own only one functional gadget that does everything.

Preorder this crowdfunding gadget from Kickstarter for $99.

10. Keep your AirPods clean the fun way with the Cardlax AirPods washer. It’s crowdfunding tech you’ll love and use all the time.

Featuring a spinning brush and a built-in sprayer with a rotating interior, the Cardlax AirPods washer keeps your earbuds clean. This crowdfunding tech is simple to use and, best of all, removes any gunk and grime off of your AirPods, keeping them clean and in tip-top condition.

Preorder this AirPods accessory from Indiegogo for $39.

Treat yourself or a friend to innovative crowdfunding tech this summer. Which of the above will you add to your arsenal? Share your favorite discoveries in the comments.

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