WOWCube System is a high-tech version of Rubik’s Cube

With the WOWCube System, you'll never be bored or uninspired again. This entertainment system features numerous games that don't require clicking or pressing for a natural way to gaming. Continue reading to explore more about this kid-friendly gadget.

WOWCube System is a high-tech version of Rubik’s Cube
WOWCube System design

Announced for preorders at CES 2021, the WOWCube System looks like an upgraded, high-tech version of the Rubik’s Cube. And this latest gadget has a similar ethos: to promote healthy gaming and encourage playing games via twisting and shaking for a natural approach.

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It purposely doesn’t feature buttons to eschew wrist injuries and discourage staring at a screen all day.

Unleash a world of fun and games

The WOWCube System includes 24 high-resolution screens, eight processors, and zero buttons. In particular, its screens have a large body ratio for optimum viewing. When you first receive this gadget, it comes preloaded with numerous popular games, such as SteamPipes, HyperSpace, Butterflies, Pong, and YellowBall. And the handheld device can store up to 24 games at one time in its internal memory. But to access more games, use the WOWCube Store app to upload a wider selection.

Take this handheld gaming gadget everywhere with you to unwind, release stress, spark creativity, and solve problems. there’s no complicated set-up, making it compatible with kids and adults. It offers tangible interaction with no clicking necessary; simply twist and shake to plan and win.

WOWCube System with the app

WOWCube System with the app

Do more than play games

Go beyond gaming with the WOWCube System and activate widgets and screensavers onto the screens. The screens can display useful information, such as weather, air quality, stock market, number of social media followers, emails, and much more. This is great for keeping it on display in your office until you’re next ready to play.

Furthermore, you can even connect the entertainment system to your smartphone via Bluetooth to upload new games and widgets. This also means that it could display real-time information such as the NASA Mars rover or headlines from news articles.

WOWCube System

WOWCube System next to a keyboard

Promotes healthy gaming for kids

It’s important that kids have some leisure time to rest and enjoy themselves, but many parents are steering clear of encouraging their little ones to play video games. Fortunately, the WOWCube System boasts many health benefits. This includes enhanced hand and motor skills, developing hand-eye coordination, and stimulating brain activity. Furthermore, with no internet access required, you’ll get peace of mind that they’re in safe hands.

WOWCube System

WOWCube System with a child

How it works

For a small gadget, the WOWCube System has a lot going on internally. It consists of eight sections that use groups of magnetic connectors to quickly exchange data to one another. This fast communication method prevents slow loading times to keep you entertained with few delays. In addition, these connectors allow you to observe the gaming process on common faces located on the four adjacent sections.

The WOWCube System has an excellent portability factor, weighing only 300 grams and measuring 76 mm in width. All the while, it’s designed for two hands to use for a comfortable hold. Plus, its reasonable 540 mAh battery keeps it going for long periods of time.

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